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Have your message creatively adjusted to speak to your target market and its culture

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Much more than a translation

Creative translation, or transcreation, is primarily for marketing and advertising content. This technique is used to translate carefully drafted content into one or more languages while observing the context and maintaining the tone of the text. The main idea is to be perfectly in-line with an international brand's expectations and the identity it wants to project. Transcreation goes much further than a simple translation. It guarantees a strong message that speaks to your target audience.

transcreation also is a creative work

Multi-local communication

International corporations are increasingly turning to transcreation for their marketing translations. It's a great way to send a clear message that everyone can understand. That's why it’s used for advertising and promotional content which is aimed at a specific audience and which has to be highly persuasive, such as titles, slogans, commercials, print ads, leaflets, web banners, social media publications, etc.

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A meaningful change

The Haribo slogan is an excellent example of transcreation. This slogan was translated from its German version, “Haribo macht Kinder froh und Erwachsene ebenso,” and has since made its mark on the English-speaking world. A simple translation might have been somewhere along the lines of “Haribo makes children and adults happy,” but the transcreator adapted the slogan to fit its local anglophone market with a rhyme fit for kids—“Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo.”

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The difference between transcreation, copywriting and adaptation

The subtle distinction between these three services may be hard to spot, but each of them meets very specific needs. Like adaptation, transcreation starts with a source text, but requires an in-depth debriefing and a heavy dose of creativity like copywriting. Furthermore, contrary to copywriting and adaptation, transcreation is for short texts.  Each of them involves a degree of adaptation.



Personalized assistance

As with any project, the way to a quality result is to start by analyzing and understanding your needs in-depth. At Acolad, we take the time to listen so that we can understand your brand's DNA and find out everything about it. This immersion into your brand enables us to establish clear and precise specifications with which to debrief our staff. We will then assign your project to an expert marketing translator, or transcreator.

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Adapt your marketing content to the local audience

The work of a transcreator

Whereas a translator will stay close to the source text, a transcreator will adopt a different approach. In addition to being a linguist, transcreators possess creative expertise. This dual skill-set gives transcreators the perfect mastery of content, enabling them to transfer its exact meaning into a text adapted to your target market.

transcreation is word translation and creative translation

The weight of words

Transcreation is therefore all but a simple translation. The approach is very different since transcreators take a step back from the text to adapt it to the target market.  They embody the brand identity to create a one-of-a-kind message by taking the cultural heritage of the target market into account. That way, transcreators maintain the emotional identity of the brand while taking a step back from the source text.

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