17 June 2024

LocWorld51 Shows an AI-Powered Future

The localization world gathered in Dublin recently for LocWorld51, an event showcasing the latest innovations and thought leadership in the industry.

Acolad and the pathway to growth and transformation

On the event’s first day, at the stunning Westbury hotel, Acolad showcased the  "Generative AI on a Global Scale" event. After a few business insights from Acolad CEO Bertrand Gstalder, Grainne Maycock, Acolad's CRO, moderated a panel featuring industry heavyweights like Cisco and SnapLogic, as well as in-house star Stephen Holmes, Acolad's Head of Labs

Exploring AI-Powered Solutions for Globalization 

The “Generative AI on a Global Scale” event emphasized the critical understanding of AI's true business value as the industry shifts from hype to practical implementations. Practical use cases of AI optimization in content journeys were discussed, focusing on:

  • Greater Translation/Localization Efficiency: AI-driven solutions that streamline and improve translation processes.
  • Enhanced Customer Experiences: Leveraging AI to better connect with diverse global audiences.
  • Removing Internal Communication Barriers: Facilitating seamless interaction among global teams.
  • Cost Optimization: Integrating AI-powered machine translation (MT) for always-on, cost-effective translation services.

While new technologies may bring challenges, the opportunities are immense—opening new markets, launching new services, and transforming traditional localization processes. At Acolad, we are dedicated to helping organizations navigate these challenges and seize opportunities with our AI-enhanced solutions.

The day ended with an Acolad whiskey tasting, where the conversation continued, followed by an exclusive VIP dinner at The Jonathan Swift Room at The Ivy Dublin, where discussions and networking thrived.

The Conference

LocWorld51 in Dublin, Ireland, highlighted the latest trends and knowledge in the localization industry. Here are some highlights:

Artificial Intelligence Beyond the Fog of Hype and Hysteria 

Presenter: Elin Hauge (AI Expert and Business Strategist)

Elin Hauge emphasized that understanding the basics of artificial intelligence is essential for any leader in 2024. Knowledge and competence are crucial for sustainable and profitable decision-making in the AI era. She highlighted that AI, especially generative AI, has become a pivotal topic since the launch of ChatGPT. Her keynote stressed AI's permanence, its impact, and what leaders must do to stay relevant.

Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) Winners 

  • Winner: CaptionHub with "CaptionHub Live," recognized for its groundbreaking real-time AI live-subtitling technology.
  • Notable Finalists: Loc&Capture Media Services, Blackbird.io, Bureau Works, CLEAR Global, and AcudocX.

Powerful Partnerships for Meaningful Business Impact and Expansion at Scale

A keynote panel on "The Evolving Face of Partnerships in the Age of AI," moderated by Acolad, featured industry leaders Adam Blair (DeepL), Jane Faraola (Cisco), and Dominic Wellington (SnapLogic). The discussion focused on how AI is transforming global content creation, management, and consumption.  Companies Meta, Tenable, Dell and Logitech, amongst others, attended the panel. 

Key Points:

  • Effective partnerships are essential for successful AI implementation.
  • Automation and integration can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • DeepL unveiled market trends and enterprise communication challenges, announcing a partnership with Acolad.
  • SnapLogic highlighted unified workflow orchestration and integration, showcasing cost reductions through automation.
  • Cisco shared case studies on quality evaluation for large language models, emphasizing automation's role in cost efficiency and quality maintenance.

LocWorld51 in Dublin demonstrated the localization industry's ongoing pursuit of cutting-edge technologies to connect people worldwide. With AI at the forefront, the future promises greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enriched global communication experiences.

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