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Crafting global stories. Your content, all languages. Tailored localization and content solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Delight audiences with expertly tailored media content

Build loyal audiences across cultures

Your content is carefully crafted to deliver an emotional, captivating experience. Help varied audiences feel that connection in their native language.

Boost your media brand

Harness the power of international marketing to deliver seamless experiences for audiences worldwide in any format.

Optimize and scale your content processes

More efficient translation and localization. Improve your ROI and cut time-to-market while guaranteeing quality.

End-to-end media localization services

Convert audiences into loyal media consumers

When you need consistent, timely, and quality-focused translation of digital assets, scripts, subtitles, voiceovers, brochures and promotional documents or contracts. Our team of media localization experts ensures all your media content resonates with audiences and cultures worldwide.

Create inspiring media experiences for audiences worldwide

Chiming with audiences is difficult enough in one market. Localization experts make sure your  marketing content and campaigns – on any platform - reach and grow your digital communities. Help people connect with your brand across geographies, languages and cultures.

Manage your multilingual content at scale

Scale multilingual, multimedia content thanks to effective content processes and project management. Take advantage of the latest AI-driven technologies, machine translation, translation memory, plugins and automation to maximize your efficiency – combined with an expert human expert touch to guarantee quality.

Media and entertainment localization services to suit your needs

A portfolio of services designed to help broadcasters, game studios, streaming platforms, media content owners and distributors deliver global growth. 

Cross-format experience

Our global network of expert linguists has a wealth of experience with text, audio and visual assets. From subtitles, captions and on-screen text to lip-sync dubbing and voice-overs, as well as on-screen graphics and video animations.

Media transcription

Audiences expect media with quality subtitles, even in their native language. We can transcribe, time-code and translate a huge variety of media formats – from a short audio clip to a full movie.

Script to studio audio adaptation

Scripts are adapted by expert authors in specialized dubbing software for linguistic and cultural fit, before being recorded by expertly-cast local voice talent. This process means high-quality results for voice-overs, lip-syncs, over-dubbing and audio description.

Professional media interpreting services

When you need live voice-overs, interpreters for international news stories or press conferences, or language support for a live interview, our professional interpreters have the fluency and cultural awareness to help your media operations thrive.

Testing and quality assurance

Make sure your content meets the standards you demand in every language. Whether it’s for gaming localization or subtitles for video content, localization quality assurance (QA) ensures your audience stays immersed.

Video game localization

Localization goes beyond simple translation when it comes to  adapting video game content to international audiences. Voice, text and visual assets are skillfully adapted to fit the target market while respecting the original creative work – with a complete solution to help adapt communications materials like credits, press releases and user manuals.

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