Acolad's language services expertise featured in The Times

The Brexit and International Trade feature puts a spotlight on how language services providers facilitate companies to grow worldwide.

7 June 2022

The essential role language services providers can play as enablers for global growth has been highlighted in a Raconteur special report featured in The Times.

Acolad’s Gráinne Maycock, who recently took up the post of General Manager and SVP, North America & Ireland, shared her expertise in the feature which looks at the role of a translation agency in reaching world markets - particularly post-Brexit.

She says: “Our message is that translation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to language services and that you should consider your agency an essential partner for international business. When chosen wisely, your translation agency can be a growth enabler and help you reach new markets.”

The feature also touches on:

  • Improving translations through working with native translators who live and work in your target market.
  • The ways technical expertise of translators can help out in particular industries.
  • How transcreation can help marketing messages to really chime with the intended audience.
  • The importance that an agency can work across varied media.
  • Why a partner with the expertise to embed into your existing work practices can make all the difference.


Acolad has decades of experience and 60 offices in 25 countries, with a network of 20,000 translators, allowing us to draw on unparalleled insight into world markets.

Acolad’s commitment to providing all these services, and more, to our clients is stressed by the words of Cristina Triviño Castillo, Head of localization, Sprinklr, she says:

We have established a solid partnership with the Acolad team in the last year. They currently help us localize our Marketing and Product content into over 10 languages, but they do much more than that. They have played a critical role in partnering with our technical teams and educating stakeholders. They essentially act as our extended localization team, helping us plant the seeds for scaling our brand, content and product internationally.

Want to know how language services and technology can help drive business growth?

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