Acolad reveals Vendor Satisfaction Survey results

28 July 2023

Acolad, global leader in content and language solutions, just released the results to its Vendor Satisfaction Survey, which addressed close to 2500 vendors of its global pool.

The survey aimed at assessing vendors’ satisfaction levels with the overall interactions with the Acolad group, throughout the individual workflows within the vendor journey – project and vendor management, accounting, hand-offs, support and feedback, etc.

The results were encouraging, as 47% of all respondents rated Acolad 5 stars and 34% 4 stars – in terms of overall relationship. 93% of the vendors answering the survey rated cooperation with Project Managers between 4 and 5 stars, while 77% considered the relationship with Resource Management and Vendor Procurement also within the same range.

“The last few years have been quite eventful for Acolad vendors, with rebrandings, process changes, price negotiations and consolidation of our vendor databases across all verticals and geographies.” – said Mieke van Hove, Senior Director Language Services at Acolad. “We were happy to see a positive response of the majority of survey takers, as all of these changes of course could have affected the vendor experience and the quality of the interactions. Most of our vendors navigated all this unscathed and without relationships to production being disrupted. We’re very proud of this – and will of course be building on these results and look at where we still have room for improvement.”

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