We Believe in the Power of Collaboration

Meet our partners in the mission to innovate global communication.

Acolad + Phrase

A partnership to boost global localization tech 

The integration of Phrase’s technology elevates Acolad’s client experience, streamlining translations, linguistic consistency, and workflows. 

Our Partners


A partnership that revolutionizes AI-driven translation, combining generative AI and integration expertise for innovative, user-friendly solutions.


Phrase is the leading translation management system, offering an end-to-end suite of translation tools that’s intuitive to use and simple to integrate

XTM International

Optimize localization assets and centralize processes with XTM’s Translation Management System and reach global customers faster and more effectively.


Azami and Acolad partner to streamline and secure the management of global IP portfolios, ensuring expert, cost-effective solutions.


Premium elearning authoring solutions meet multilingual excellence: a partnership for high-quality educational content.


A partnership for international regulatory support, ensuring the safe and effective use of medical solutions worldwide.

Interverbum Tech

Together, Acolad and Interverbum Tech lead the way in the art of terminology management, leveraging the advanced TermWeb technology.


A partnership helping pharma and medtech companies to better reach and communicate with patients and health care professionals, in all languages.

OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners, a group purchasing organization, partners with Acolad as a trusted global language and services provider to its members.


Acolad partners with Lingoport for seamless software localization and internationalization, ensuring global readiness in every product release.


Acolad's partnership with Veeva brings you an easy-to-deploy API connector for Veeva Vault suite. Unlock precise, secure, and swift translations to supercharge your Veeva Vault.

Acolad + Snaplogic

The revolution of generative AI-driven translation

Bringing together two AI pioneers, Acolad and Snaplogic, this collaboration empowers non-technical users to use prompts to create secure and compliant processes from AI interfaces. 

“There is an incredible opportunity for both companies (…), and I’m thrilled with the promise of our partnership with Acolad to open a new world of possibility for our customers.”

Jeremiah Stone
CTO of SnapLogic

Interested in partnering with Acolad?

We’re always looking to expand our network with like-minded innovators. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our partnership program aims to combine Acolad's expertise in language and content solutions with the strengths of our partners. These synergies enhance our service offerings, drive innovation, and expands our global reach. 

Acolad partners with a diverse range of companies, including leaders in technology, e-learning, and regulatory compliance. 

We look for partners who share our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service. Each partnership is chosen for its potential to add value to our clients.

Partners benefit from Acolad's extensive network and expertise in multilingual content solutions. This collaboration offers enhanced market exposure, access to new clients, and the opportunity to be part of innovative projects.

Absolutely! We are always open to exploring new partnerships that align with our mission and values. Interested companies can contact us through our website for more information.

Our clients benefit from the expanded range of services, increased efficiency, and innovative solutions that our partnerships provide. These collaborations allow us to deliver more comprehensive and tailored services.