Acolad featured in Business Reporter by Reuters

The need for global businesses to harness language services expertise to enable growth has been highlighted in a Business Reporter article featured on Reuters.

16 May 2022

The state of globalization has been a hot topic in recent years – but it’s changing rather than weakening according to a report featuring Acolad by Reuters.

Despite uncertainty, demand from businesses to cope with the challenges of operating on a global scale continues to grow, and Business Reporter speaks of Acolad’s experience in helping clients across borders.

It says: “[Acolad’s] size is a reflection of its success. Working with some of the most renowned companies in each field has given a unique translation capacity across 15 different industry verticals, from bioscience  and ecommerce  to financial services  and high-tech, with experts who can understand the specific problems and jargon of these different industries.”

While it may seem like English is a ubiquitous language of business – the data shows it’s not. Only about 5 per cent of the world speaks English as a first language, and though there are many non-native English speakers, data shows that 76 per cent  of people shopping online prefer to buy if information is available in their native language.

The article on the language of globalization in a post-Covid world explains in more detail:

  • How strengthening global communication through culturally adapting content can make sure your message chimes with the audience it is intended for.
  • The role that technology plays in using connectors to integrate content management systems, enabling automatic translations at the click of a button.
  • Why optimizing for SEO in different countries involves more than just translations.
  • How marketing messages can be made as effective as possible through transcreation.

Business Reporter concludes with how it is key for global businesses with growth aspirations to find the right partner to adapt and localize their products to ensure clear and accurate communication in international markets, adding:

More than simply trying to find the right words in another language, they [Acolad] focus on the intent of the message and how it should be perceived by its audience. This gives a strong competitive advantage to companies that are exporting goods and services, even when they don’t have detailed knowledge of the export market.

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