27 February 2024

Acolad Secures Major Contract With the EU

Acolad, secures a contract with the EU DGT, reinforcing its leadership in providing language solutions for the public sector.

Acolad has consolidated its position as a key player in the public sector, securing a major contract with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT).

The contract, effective through 2026 with the possibility of two additional annual renewals, represents a significant milestone for Acolad, further strengthening its longstanding relationship with the public sector. Bertrand Gstalder, CEO of Acolad, expressed excitement about the win. "This is a milestone achievement for us, tripling our engagement with the DGT and affirming our robust presence in the public sector,” he said.

Protecting cultural and linguistic diversity

The contract involves the translation of documents to and from EU official languages, covering a total of 50 language combinationsAcolad secured 10 leading positions in the ranking, along with several secondary ones, after rigorous evaluation based on criteria such as quality, capacity, and deadline compliance.

"We are honored to serve the DGT’s mission to protect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Union, facilitating transparency, understanding, and the exchange of views," said Sylvie Versteylen, VP Europe at Acolad. "We are proud of the recognition of Acolad's team, which has ensured linguistic quality and service excellence for the DGT for the past 17 years."

The DGT, with locations in Brussels and Luxembourg, is the largest translation service in the world, producing close to 1 million pages a year. It actively supports the European Commission (EC) – part of the executive of the EU - by delivering linguistic services, including translation, editing, automatic translation solutions, and linguistic advice.

Acolad's success in securing this contract reaffirms its position as a leading provider of language solutions and highlights its commitment to delivering high-quality services to clients in the public sector and beyond.

See here for further details on the tender.

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