Global Learning Services

Professional learning services and multilingual elearning solutions for inclusive corporate training in any language.

Foster growth and engagement through learning

Business-aligned learning programs

Unlock your growth potential by aligning tailored learning programs with your unique business objectives.

An organizational learning culture

Cultivate a learning mindset and foster professional growth through personalized corporate training materials.

Improve employee retention

Boost retention rates with engaging and tailored learning programs, that drive long-term organizational success.

“93% of organizations are concerned about employee retention, and the No.1 way they’re working to improve retention is by providing learning opportunities.” 

2023 Workplace Learning Report

“Acolad ensures that the language learning program at ABB is under control. This is a great development, and I am extremely satisfied.” 

Carl-Ove Kolmodin
Former Head of Learning and Development, ABB

Featured Services

Train and upskill your teams in any language

Elearning Services

Corporate elearning solutions, including elearning content development and localization.

Global Language Training

Business language training and cultural training to help your international teams thrive.

Our approach

Driving innovation for a people-centric future

Expert learning design 
An evidence-informed approach that targets to improve performance through comprehensive learning services.

Learner-centered approach 
Create corporate training materials and elearning courses that appeal to diverse, multicultural audiences. 

Multi-format & multilingual 
Choose the best learning format: online training courses, with a trainer, or hybrid that combines both. 

About the Services

A suite of corporate training solutions to navigate the future of work

Step into the future of learning with captivating visuals and impactful storytelling. Accessible anytime, anywhere, our online training courses empower your teams with interactive modules, expert insights and a flexible learning experience. 

Customize training to your team’s learning targets and benefit from a professional trainer who provides a stimulating learning environment, feedback and recommendations for further learning. 

Combine the benefits of online self-study with the effectiveness of instructor-led training and find the right mix to tailor your corporate learning paths. The goal? To fully meet your learners’ needs and preferences. 

Unlock the potential of your workforce with engaging corporate training videos. Our corporate training video production team delivers cutting-edge video content that educates, inspires, and unlocks your employees’ potential. 

We’re your strategic learning services partner

Grow your people and your business with the best corporate training programs.

Acolad Learning Store

Enhance your workplace skills with engaging, high-quality online corporate training courses, including exercises and downloadable resources. 

Frequently asked questions

New to learning services? We have answers.

Besides language and cultural training, we’ve worked with clients with corporate training programs on topics such as induction or onboarding for new hires, leadership and management skills, digital upskilling, sales effectiveness and more. 

The skills with the highest growth rates vary by function, but business management, communication, analytics, customer service and leadership are on the top 10 for most business functions.

The pandemic caused talent disruption and skills shortages globally. So in the current challenging economic times, providing professional learning services helps your organization to be better positioned to hire the best talent, retail and redeploy people. The future of work trends also dictate that forward-thinking organizations need to create environments that embrace and unlock the potential of employees to remain successful. 

A learning needs analysis (LNA) is a process that helps you identify what your learners need to learn, why they need to learn it, and how they can best learn it. For details on how to start an LNA for your organization, team or department, send us a message to connect with our learning experts or request a LNA quote