Public Service and Government

Break down language barriers and transform citizen communications through translation and interpretation services.

Building effective communication in a diverse world

Experienced Linguists

Our team of expert language specialists is familiar with public sector nuances and terminologies.

Confidentiality assured

We understand the sensitivity of government data and our processes are designed to ensure confidentiality.

Quick turnaround

In the fast-paced world of public service, we deliver timely services without compromising quality.

Solutions to master multilingual communication

Acolad has been helping public sector clients to meet government requirements for multilingual content through long-term cooperation with public administrations around the world.

Translation and localization services for government

From certified translations to cutting-edge language technology, we can ensure every document, publication, and directive is accessible to all, maintaining clarity and accuracy in every language. Your content can be adapted to align with local cultures and contexts, ensuring truly inclusive communication that resonates with every community segment. 

  • Legal documents, laws, regulations, contracts, and treaties
  • Public communications, including press releases, public service announcements, and newsletters
  • Educational materials such as brochures, information pamphlets, and elearning content
  • Research and reports, including studies, surveys, and official findings
  • Egovernment services, website, portal, and app localization
  • Subtitling and dubbing for public broadcasts and informational videos
  • Crisis communication for timely and accurate reaction during emergencies or crises
  • Localization of materials used for public sector training or awareness campaigns
  • Immigration and civic documents for immigrants, refugees, or any newcomers to the country

Public sector interpreting

End-to-end interpreting solutions to support governments and public sector entities to better serve their communities, including equipment, technology and resources. Expert interpreters are ready to foster understanding, from courts and tribunals to immigration, law enforcement, health, education and social welfare settings.

  • Conference interpreting for international summits and meetings
  • Simultaneous interpreting for live events or broadcasts
  • Consecutive interpreting for smaller meetings, press conferences, or interviews
  • Remote interpreting for virtual meetings, via phone or video conferencing tools
  • Community interpreting for public service appointments in healthcare, social services, and education
  • Court and legal interpreting, vital for judicial settings to ensure fair proceedings
  • Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) for emergency response, helplines, or any situation requiring immediate linguistic assistance
  • Sign language interpreting for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.
  • Cultural mediation to bridge cultural gaps in diverse settings

Transcription services for public sector and government

Despite the transition to digital platforms, transcription services are often required to maintain accurate records and ensure accessibility to all citizens. At Acolad, we frequently partner with public institutions to provide transcriptionists for the following areas: 

  • Council meetings, board meetings, townhalls and other public gatherings that need to be available for public review
  • Public hearings for specific purposes such as legislative or regulatory changes
  • Legal proceedings such as hearings, trials, depositions
  • Police or other law enforcement procedures such as interviews, interrogations and statements
  • Academic research or archival material

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