Amplexor, an Acolad company, certified as a Great Place to Work in Belgium

13 February 2020

We are honored to announce that Amplexor has just been officially recognized as a Great Place to Work in Belgium.

The Great Place to Work® is an independent recognition for high-trust and high-performing workplace cultures worldwide.

“We are very proud of winning this title on our first attempt.” says Isaura Volders, HR Business Partner. “We couldn’t have achieved this without our incredible teamwork in Belgium. For us, it’s all about creating a flourishing employee experience, with a nice atmosphere, flexible working conditions, and career development opportunities. In short, to be a great place to work.”  

This distinction looks at employment practices from two perspectives: that of the employees – The Trust Index survey – and that of the organization – The Culture Audit.

The Trust index employee survey is based on the universal Great Place to Work five values model: Respect, Pride, Camaraderie, Fairness and Credibility. Employees were asked about how they feel about the organization - and Amplexor excelled in all the criteria.

“Our team has spoken. Our scores were incredibly high and this is simply the outcome of good teamwork, transparency and trust. The high response rate means that our colleagues are satisfied and motivated and this only reinforces our ambition to continue finding new ways to balance a challenging yet fun workplace,” said Sylvie Versteylen, Executive Vice President.

For the Culture Audit Amplexor also received a high score related to 9 dimensions of successful HR management: Inspiring, Speaking, Listening, Caring, Developing, Thanking, Hiring & Welcoming, Celebrating and Sharing.

Amplexor Belgium is continuously working on all of these dimensions, through a strong feedback culture, regular one-to-one sessions, internal events, team coaching and staff meetings. Life-work balance is valued and cultivated through flexible schedules, sports and other activities.

As a global company, with a strong collaborative culture worldwide, Amplexor has made Employee Experience a core business focus for 2020. This award represents a high achievement for the group and a confirmation of the success of our people-centric culture.

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