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Acolad Digital wins tender of the City of Leuven to further develop the city's web channels

11 May 2023

  • The win follows a highly competitive tender and aims at the hosting, maintenance, and development of the web channels of the city, among which their institutional website – 

  • Acolad was awarded a contract with the City of Leuven for 10 years

Acolad Digital - the business unit of Acolad group focusing on providing content and technology solutions to help brands achieve seamless and optimized digital experiences. - just won a 10-year contract with the City of Leuven for the hosting, maintenance, and development of the city’s web environment.

After a highly competitive tender, the contract was awarded this month as Acolad’s answers within the tender exceeded expectations in terms of proactive advice and support and went the extra mile to ensure maximum security. Acolad Digital’s unique and simple approach in clarifying technically complex matters, such as the hosting environment, also played an important role in the decision.

The solution

The solution presented by Acolad for hosting, developing, and maintaining the City’s web platforms, among which the city’s institutional website – - established the right priorities, especially regarding accessibility and compliance, while focusing on the city’s communication needs.  

Acolad group’s extensive experience with both national and international Government institutions - including the European Union, European Parliament, and the Council of Europe - is one of the reasons Acolad is globally recognized as a trusted partner of the public sector.  

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“We are thrilled and proud that we - as a company with a significant presence in Leuven - have won this tender and have the opportunity to partner with the City of Leuven. At Acolad, exceptional customer service and exceeding our clients' expectations are part of our DNA. Being recognized for our proactivity, technical expertise, and attention to customer needs obviously makes us quite proud”

Ruben Thys
VP Digital Experience Solutions & Managing Director Belgium

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