Interpreting Services

Professional interpreters and technology solutions for all your multilingual communication needs.

Ensure Multilingual Communication Success

Multilingual Communication

Interpreting services and technology solutions to overcome language barriers in on-site, hybrid or remote settings.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Create an inclusive environment, where spoken and sign language interpretation ensure effective interactions between all stakeholders.

Value and Efficiency

Facilitate interactions and increase communication efficiency within your organization, bridging languages and cultures.

interpreting industry leader

Award-winning Interpreting Services

Acolad is ranked in the top 10 interpreting services provider by CSA Research. Our expertise in overall interpreting services, conference interpreting and remote interpreting is also highlighted by the Globalization and Language Association (GALA), as our Head of Interpreting Solutions, Giulia Silvestrini, was selected as one of the moderators for their Interpreting Special Interest Group.

“The Acolad interpreting platform was a great success. Our clients indicated when evaluating the hearing that everything was completely clear. In future virtual cases, we’ll certainly use this remote interpreting service again.”

Wouter Pors
Attorney at law and partner at Bird & Bird

The Best Domain-specific Interpreting Solutions for Your Needs

All-inclusive interpreting solutions

Including equipment, technology and personalized support. 

Industry-specific interpreting expertise

A diversified portfolio of private and public sector interpreting experience. 

Extended language coverage

A worldwide network of professional interpreters for any language combination. 

Absolute confidentiality

Both professional interpreters and project teams adhere to rigorous Codes of Ethics and Conduct.

Certified processes

Compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, ISO 27001 Information Security, and ISO 18841 Interpreting Services.

Timeliness and proactivity

We’re ready to cope with tight deadlines, peaks, short-notice meetings, large projects and a high number of languages

Interpreting Service Options

Corporate Interpreting

Interpreting solutions for multilingual meetings and events 

From company town halls and training sessions to webinars, live events and international conferences, our interpreting services help engage multilingual audiences and make communications accessible and inclusive in any language. Acolad provides all-in-one solutions for international conferences and events, including interpreting, website translation, multimedia content and other materials.

Acolad provides tailored remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) solutions and advises on the best setup for your meeting, in line with your requirements (such as preferred web meeting platform, meeting features, streaming options).

Turnkey solutions for in-person communication needs, from conferences and events to workshops, site visits and audits, including interpreter services, equipment (booths or portable systems) and specialized technical support.

In hybrid settings, content from one or multiple onsite locations is streamed to a remote audience; speakers may be onsite or attend remotely. We provide professional interpreter services, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) technology, equipment, as well as onsite or remote support.

With our over the phone (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI) services  you can connect with an interpreter anytime and from anywhere - for everyday customer interactions or internal multilingual communication.  

  • 24/7/365 access, available via phone, app, or web portal
  • Automated workflows 
  • Advanced matching mechanism that instantly pairs your requests with the ideal interpreter.
  • Real-time statistics and usage data

Public Sector Interpreting

Building communication bridges between public institutions and citizens

In today's increasingly diverse societies, high-quality public service interpreting is no longer an option; it's a necessity. At Acolad, we recognize the importance of effective communication between public organizations and the citizens they serve. Our dedicated Public Sector Interpreting Services are tailored to ensure seamless interactions between institutions and their communities.


Our interpreters are specialized in facilitating communication between healthcare providers and patients, in diverse medical settings. Whether it's in-person, via phone or video conferencing, Acolad helps bridge linguistic gaps and enhance patient care.

From court hearings to justice procedures, our legal interpreting services are designed to ensure accurate, confidential, and effective communication between all parties involved.

Acolad partners with immigrant and refugee organizations to bridge language gaps, enabling access to essential information and services for those rebuilding their lives in new territories.

Drawing from our extensive experience in the public sector, we offer tailor-made interpreting services that guarantee seamless and precise communication with diverse communities, to enhance access to essential services and promote inclusivity. 

International institutions

For high-level meetings and conferences, our specialized conference interpreters combined with tailored technology for onsite, remote and hybrid settings, ensure smooth communication among diverse audiences. Our experienced teams support each step of the process, proactively addressing the unique demands of major events. This includes handling a high number of languages or participants, managing parallel sessions, and acommodating a large number of attendees, whether in a co-located or hybrid setting. 

Sign Language Interpreting Services

Connecting worlds, embracing inclusive communication

We believe language should never be a barrier, and communication should know no limits. Our commitment to spoken and sign language doesn’t differ in nature: we aim to foster inclusion and enable everyone to express themselves freely in their mother tongue through the assistance of an interpreter.

Our interpreters are more than just masters of sign language; they have a solid background in a wide range of domains. From the boardroom to the classroom, the operating theater to the courtroom, they seamlessly navigate the intricacies of every situation, delivering impeccable interpretation that resonates with precision and meaning.

As any other natural language, sign languages are a reflection of the cultural and regional context in which they evolve. However, their dynamics and nuances present unique considerations. Our skilled interpreters specialize in the sign languages relevant to your target audience, meeting specific needs.


American sign language (ASL) is the second most in-demand language in the US, but it’s also the primary sign language of countries such as Canada, China, Hong Kong, Bolivia or Cambodia. Our ASL services cover onsite and video remote interpreting for healthcare, education and other business contexts.

Acolad Live

All-in-one platform for over-the-phone, video-remote or on-site interpretation

Acolad’s over-the-phone and video remote interpreting services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, web portal or mobile app, in any required language. 

  • Connect with interpreters anytime, anywhere
  • Streamlined workflows from request to invoicing
  • Optimal interpreter matching through advanced algorithms
  • Real-time data, reports, KPI tracking and statistics access

Take Your Multilingual Communication and Events to the Next Level

Our interpreting experts are here to help you.

Frequently asked questions

New to interpreting? We have answers.

Yes, you can contact our sales team with your questions or request a meeting. Our expert interpreting team will guide you through the different options. 

Interpretation should be provided when there’s a likelihood of language barriers preventing effective communication. The most common interpreting use cases are:

  • Internal corporate meetings to engage the organization and maintain an open communication channel (monthly, quarterly town-hall, all-hands)
  • Conferences or seminars with attendees from diverse linguistic backgrounds
  • Business meetings with international clients or partners
  • Workshops, trainings, or educational programs 
  • Legal hearings and proceedings involving speakers of different languages
  • Medical appointments or consultations with patients who speak a different language
  • Public service settings to enable communication between institutions and speakers of foreign languages 

Simultaneous interpretation is performed live, taking place in real time, while the speaker is speaking, in as many target languages as required. Specific equipment is required for onsite (soundproof booths or portable tour guide systems), and technology solutions supporting language interpretation are required for remote.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter listens to the speaker while taking notes and reproduces the speech in the target language, after the speaker has finished speaking. No specific equipment or technology is required. 

A third option known as business, liaison or community interpreting consists of sentence-by-sentence interpretation (consecutive) for 1:1 interactions or multilingual conversations in small groups. No specific equipment or technology is required.

Acolad offers a wide range of interpreting services to fit all types of needs. The best choice will depend on several factors, including: meeting type and setting (remote, onsite, hybrid), number of languages involved, number of participants, duration, budget, among other preferences and priorities you may have.

It will depend on whether you need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, if it’s to be performed onsite, in a hybrid meeting or online. In short:

  • Virtual meetings: use of remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) solution for simultaneous interpretation or conventional web conferencing tools for consecutive interpretation
  • Hybrid events: on-site equipment and remote technology
  • On-site interpreting: with booths, headsets and specialized technicians or portable tour-guide systems

Our teams will guide you and tailor an easy and effective interpreting solution for your specific need. 

When space is limited, Acolad offers several options: from table-top booths or portable tour-guide systems to streaming or virtual solutions. We can advise you on the best interpreting configuration for your meeting or event.

Sign language services are an essential tool for facilitating communication between deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals and the hearing world. Besides in-person, sign language interpretation can be delivered via video remote interpreting (VRI), that allows individuals to access an interpreter virtually via a computer or tablet with a webcam and high-speed data connection. 

You can also use communication access real-time translation (CART) services for near real-time transcription of spoken conversations into text captions, displayable on projectors, computers, laptops and mobile devices. CART is ideal for group discussions, 1-on-1 meetings, and job interviews where individuals require accurate and timely transcription of conversations. 

Interpreting is a demanding task that requires high levels of concentration. For simultaneous or consecutive in conference settings, interpreters work in teams of two: each interpreter works for around 20-30 minutes before handing the interpretation over to their colleague. 

Interpretation may be performed by one interpreter depending on a number of factors, including meeting duration, interpreting mode, degree of technicality, meeting type and agenda oOver-the-phone and video-remote interpretation for daily 1:1 conversations is performed by one interpreter: conversations are shorter - less than 30 minutes or up to one our per call -and tend not to require specific prior preparation for the interpreters 

It’s best to consult with an interpreting company like Acolad to determine the appropriate number of interpreters needed for your specific needs. 

Acolad is a professional interpreting company – our mission is to remove the complexity of navigating the different services and tools available and help you select the best communication solution for each project. We also handle all logistical aspects, from scheduling and coordination to equipment and technical support. Our certified interpreters are vetted rigorously and offered ongoing training to ensure expertise, availability and flexibility tailored to your industry.

Sign language interpretation translates spoken language to sign language and vice versa and can be performed in-person or through video communication. Serving as a visual language, it’s conveyed through hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions.