9 January 2024

Bertrand Gstalder tells SlatorCon creativity is vital in the AI Age

Acolad CEO says creativity can be the game changer for businesses looking to maintain their competitive edge in the AI Age.

Press Release –  Bertrand Gstalder, Acolad’s CEO took the stage at the latest SlatorCon remote, on Nov 29th, to present the event’s CEO Keynote, on the topic of “Content Revolution - Creative Edge as a Game Changer in the AI Age”.  

Kicking off the series of partner presentations, Bertrand captivated the audience by illustrating how the Content Revolution, sparked by the emergence of ChatGPT a year ago, hinges on human creativity as the linchpin for LSPs to thrive.  

As he went through the several stages of all technological revolutions - from the industrial to the digital revolutions – Acolad’s CEO explained how we were now past the Incubation stage and we’re delving deeply into the Explosion stage, the hype time when a myriad of players come into the scene and after which only the strong and more flexible would survive. Next comes Integration - and the stage where the creativity, empathy and moral awareness of the professionals really makes a difference. As he put it, “You can fly a plane without a pilot, but would you?” ​ 

AI serves as a catalyst for streamlining and expediting tasks, yet human oversight remains essential in guiding AI algorithms towards responsible operation, mitigating the risks of misinterpretation or contextual errors. This was emphasized as the CEO delineated the seamless fusion of technological advancements with human expertise that is taking place at Acolad. 

He went on to say that although regulations and guidelines are still needed, AI is becoming the exoskeleton of the Language Services and Content Industry and described how Acolad – an AI pioneer since 2016 - is applying it ethically and safely. Acolad will integrate the benefits of GenAI, using creativity as its competitive edge and aligning with its clients' global expansion strategies, smartly blending tech and human insights and creativity to create novel and impactful experiences and enabling the growth of its customers.​ 

As the key takeaway, Gstalder mentioned how language and content creators have a pivotal role to play in building a sustainable AI strategy and fostering global trust on AI. According to him, all content and language industry professionals should stand as Language and Content architects with technology as their tool belt – leveraging the fact that they are experts in how language works and tech companies developing AI solutions are not. 

The recording of the latest edition of SlatorCon Remote is available for subscribers of Slator’s Pro and Enterprise packages and for all those who purchased a ticket for the event.

You can also read Slator’s own recap of Bertrand Gstalder’s presentation here.

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