Translation APIs and Connectors

From off-the-shelf solutions to tailor-made APIs and connectors, we empower your content management systems with multilingual capabilities.

Removing systems barriers, to enable content translation at scale

Tailor-made integrations

A solution adapted to your multilingual content workflows. 

Perfect for large content projects

Ideal for handling large volumes of digital or web content. 

Consolidated content management

No disruption to existing workflows and legacy systems.

Scalable translations

Easy to scale up as your translation needs grow. 

Reach your global audiences faster

Get your content online faster with a seamless translation process.

Linguistic consistency

Consistent brand messaging across languages and regions. 

Real-time translation

Instant content display, for live multilingual communication.

Keeping up with language trends

Frequently updated with the latest language models and technologies.

“Acolad has the expertise to provide end-to-end localization on the scale that we needed.”

Lesley Foster
Global Brand Franchise and Research Leader, Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH 

“The benefits of working with Acolad include a true partnership, willingness to discuss possibilities to improve tools and processes, and passion about services provided. The guaranteed quality and efficiencies are greatly appreciated.” 

Jennifer Kelly
Vice President Operations, HealthiVibe

A tailored solution for your connectivity needs

Accelerate your multilingual content management proces. For each system or use case, we propose a solution to connect to our translation management platforms and enable automated content translation at scale.

Translation APIs

Acolad’s API (Application Programming Interface) lets you connect your editing environment directly to your translation services, helping to save time on project management and automate processes. 



  • Possible integration of proprietary systems
  • Data security and confidentiality

Translation connectors

Our translation connectors and plugins are flexible and can be scaled up as your projects grow. This is the ideal solution for companies with substantial content or product files, in industries such as ecommerce, manufacturing, travel and retail, where website or product documentation translation is frequently required.



  • Easy to setup and deploy
  • No impact on customers systems

Fully customized translation plugins

In this scenario, our experts will find a solution tailored to your workflows and existing content management system. At Acolad, we’re ready to handle your large integration projects and can create a customized integrated solution for your content management system. Our team can create an integration for your workflows, no matter how large or complex they may be! 



  • Seamlessly integrated with the system's UI upon installation of the plugin

Looking for automation and speed in your content translation?

Our experts will help you to find the best-fit solutions for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

New to localization API and CMS connectivity? We have answers.

A localization API is a set of programming interfaces that allows seamless integration between your content management systems and a translation management platform, enabling automated content translation.

Depending on your business needs and operations, the API can significantly speed up the translation process, improve accuracy, and streamline workflows, ultimately reducing time-to-market.

Key features include the support for multiple file formats, real-time updates, event tracking, and seamless connectivity with various systems.

Yes, the localization APIs are designed to integrate with any existing systems, including content management systems (CMS), product information management (PIM) systems, and more. With the right implementation partner you can secure seamless integration with all the most popular content management systems.

An API ensures comprehensive localization coverage, covering all sorts of content types, including text, multimedia, web pages, software strings, and documents.

Yes, one of the key advantages of APIs is the fact of being completely scalable and adapted to diverse localization needs, including handling projects of different sizes and languages.

Data security is always a top priority for Acolad. In any API or connectivity project, our teams ensure the implementation of high-security encryption protocols to protect sensitive information.

Pricing and subscription options depend on translation volumes, users and features required. At Acolad we develop tailored solutions based on your needs and budget. For more details or request a quote, please contact us.