CSA 2022 LSP Rankings: Acolad tops the chart as #1

Acolad stands as #1 in Western Europe and remains firmly in the top 10, as #8 worldwide in the latest CSA Rankings of the Largest LSPs in the World.


25 July 2022 

The 18th edition of CSA Research Rankings of the Largest LSPs in the World (2022) has just been published, and we are happy to announce Acolad stands as #1 in Western Europe and remains firmly in the top 10, as #8 worldwide. 

And the good news don’t stop there as the most recent member of the group, Ubiqus, is #3 in Western Europe – meaning 2 of the Western European top 3 positions are taken by the Acolad group!

These rankings are based on a study conducted by CSA Research earlier in the year, aimed at analyzing the market for outsourced language services and technology. Based on a comprehensive survey of industry providers, this highly regarded report ranks the 100 largest language companies globally plus the biggest in each of seven global regions, relying on CSA’s own proprietary methodology.

These results are representative of all Acolad has achieved and we couldn’t be prouder as some of the industry’s more respected voices acknowledge those achievements. 

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