Multimedia Localization

Engage, entertain and inform global audiences with expertly adapted multimedia content

Your media content in any language 

Multimedia localization for any context

Cut through the noise of today’s crowded media landscape with creative and culturally adapted multimedia.

AI-powered enterprise subtitling

Automated transcription, live captions, collaborative edition and tech integration – let your content do the talking, wherever your audience is.

Accessible media for all your target markets

Engage global audiences with multimedia content perfectly tailored to be easily understood and accessible.

“Acolad has the expertise to provide end-to-end localization on the scale that we needed.”

Lesley Foster
Global Brand Franchise and Research Leader, Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH 

“The video had a very positive reception on its first night, and it has received nothing but praise. Thank you for this!”

Maria Haavisto
Marketing Manager, ABB Breakers and Switches unit, ABB

Multimedia localization that helps your content resonate globally

Acolad offers a wide range of multimedia translation services to adapt your text, visual and audio assets, servicing a broad array of multimedia needs in the fields of media, entertainment, video games and corporate audiovisual communication.

We help you localize your varied multimedia

Audiovisual text assets

Subtitling, captioning, SDH but also on-screen text and navigation, adapted to your target audience needs with advanced software and tools and expert talent. 

Other text assets

When written content other than subtitles needs adapting, communicate clearly and impactfully in marketing videos, elearning courses and video games.

Audio assets

Lip-sync dubbing, voice-overs for games or TV shows and promotional videos. Professional voice talent or synthetic voice solutions to suit your needs.

Visual & graphic assets

Make sure non-text assets aren’t forgotten. Our creative and technical experts adapt animations, visuals and graphic representations, such as in video games or corporate video assets.

Testing assets

Ensure your content resonates as intended with expert linguist testing, or automated testing for when you need to scale.


Expertise with multimedia localization technology

Audiovisual translation tools

Subtitling and script adaptation tools to help translations work smoothly with multimedia content workflows.

CAT tools & TMS integration

Streamlined workflows help deliver your multimedia translation more efficiently. 

Testing tech

Functional and localization testing help guarantee a quality user experience. 


Fully automated solutions to support transcription and live captioning of multimedia content. 

media & entertainment

Localization solutions for the media & entertainment industry

From streamers to broadcasters, make sure your content is accessible and enjoyable by all through subtitling and dubbing. The latest tech helps deliver even high-volume projects quickly, while access to experienced talent, including voice artists, provides that quality touch. Or implement best practices, efficient workflows and technologies and efficiencies through a strategic partnership.

Deliver immersive entertainment across varied audiences. Help dialogue sparkle with the creativity and technical know-how of our multimedia translation teams who have experience adapting a wide variety of content.

Make your content accessible to all, including those with hearing disabilities. Enhance audience satisfaction with the best subtitling services.

Knowledge of local professional talent pools helps deliver the perfect voice for your content.

Ensure your script is easily adapted into different languages from the start with professional scriptwriters.

Professional voice over services take care of the technical recording process to guarantee quality.

Expert assistance to guide your multimedia localization strategy, aligning AI and technology integration with best practices, resource planning and workflows to your objectives.


Video localization services for international businesses

Many brands rely on audiovisual content to deliver vital information, internally or externally. Video localization services can help brands, schools and universities, online elearning content creators and HR departments communicate more profoundly across languages, with a consistent corporate identity.

Reach diverse audiences, transcend language barriers, and amplify your brand worldwide with a strategic video content approach.

Experienced teams know exactly how to plan and create quality video content suited to your needs.

Capture quality voice work, and ensure that quality isn’t lost in translation with technical recording and localization expertise.

Meet accessibility requirements and user expectations with video subtitling services.

Our video localization specialists make sure your content is fully optimized to rank at the top of video platforms and search engines, in any language.

Elearning content production, script localization, design and animation by multidisciplinary teams of scriptwriters, designers, art directors and linguists.

You can adapt so much more than just video. Unlock the international potential of your AR or VR content, or help your chatbots go multilingual.

Go from creative concept to global deployment quickly with automated workflows customized to your projects so you can release multilingual audiovisual content at scale. 

A deep understanding of various AI applications, authoring tools and multimedia formats combined with the ability to integrate the latest technology into your existing stack.


Video game localization services to engage and immerse players

Take your video games to new horizons with our extensive gaming localization services. From on-screen content to audiovisual dialogue, graphics and testing, we cover it all. Game developers all over the world trust our expertise to create immersive experiences for players worldwide.

Help players easily navigate menus, options and other crucial informative text, and make sure your in-game subscription services can be easily understood by all.

Bring your NPCs’ words to life to help immerse players in an unforgettable experience – whatever language they prefer.

Captivate players worldwide with stunning visuals tailored to their cultural preferences. From UI elements to artwork and textures, we ensure seamless artwork adaptation for global markets.

Native linguists with gaming expertise and cultural know-how are trained to catch linguistic or visual errors with localized content, and make sure cultural references land as intended.

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