Multimedia Localization

Engage, entertain and inform global audiences with expertly adapted multimedia content

Your media content in any language 

Multimedia localization for any context

Cut through the noise of today’s crowded media landscape with creative and culturally adapted multimedia.

AI-powered technology

Automated transcription, live captions, AI voice-over and tech integration – cost-effective tools that help your content travel further than ever before. 

Accessible media for all your target markets

Engage global audiences with multimedia content perfectly tailored to be easily understood and accessible.

“Acolad has the expertise to provide end-to-end localization on the scale that we needed.”

Lesley Foster
Global Brand Franchise and Research Leader, Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH 

“The video had a very positive reception on its first night, and it has received nothing but praise. Thank you for this!”

Maria Haavisto
Marketing Manager, ABB Breakers and Switches unit, ABB

Multimedia localization services for content that resonates globally

Acolad offers a wide range of services to seamlessly adapt text, audio and visual assets for international audiences. Whatever your industry, our experts help guide you through the full localization process with tailored audiovisual translation, adaptation and quality control featuring the latest technology to suit your needs.

Now reach more people than you ever thought possible with cost-effective realistic voice-over. 

Subtitling and closed captions

Audiences increasingly expect subtitles and closed captions - especially on social media. Help make live or pre-recorded content accessible.

Voice-over and dubbing

Adapt audio with dubbing, voice-over and audio description. We combine translation expertise with access to local talent and studios for seamless audio localization.

Script localization

Adapt scripts or dialogues of any multimedia project into different languages, respecting cultural nuances, idioms and local expressions.

Visual assets

Avoid breaking audience immersion by adapting graphics, visuals and on-screen text, such as in elearning courses or video games.


From video to live meetings, efficiently create high-quality transcripts of any multimedia content.

Multimedia localization technology

AI expertise
We take a tech-agnostic approach to discover the best AI tools that fit your unique needs.

Audiovisual translation tools
Subtitling and script adaptation tools to help translations work smoothly with multimedia content workflows.

Seamless connectors
Plugins help make requesting and managing translations much more efficient.

Automated solutions to support transcription and live captioning or subtitling.

Impress audiences around the world with engaging multimedia content

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