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Acolad’s Expertise on Glocal SEO shared in the Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal’s (SEJ) cover story highlights Acolad’s SEO expertise on internationalization and glocalization.


5 July 2022 

Global SEO needs an individual, local approach for each region – not only when it comes to language, but also culturally, technically and sociologically. This is what the term glocal hints at, blending global and local to one term that comprises both approaches. 

But while the term covers the concept well, it can’t reveal all details it needs to be applied to. Acolad’s article on what you need to know for your glocal SEO in the Search Engine Journal explains in depth:

  • How differently audiences across regions use search terms for the same product categories – and how much their priorities vary
  • How the different technical infrastructures, different platforms, different formats, social networks and even search engines across localities force you to adjust your individual approach to each respective audience
  • How different national payment method preferences can put your business at stake, if ignored 
  • And much more.

Each aspect can become critical to your business and thus deserves the closest attention of experts in the related field. Local experts. This is what Acolad provides. Worldwide.

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