Constant innovation helps tech businesses transcend borders – harness the latest language technology to cross linguistic boundaries too

Keep pace globally with a rapidly evolving tech landscape

Delight global users

Help users enjoy the full experience as you intended it, whatever their native language. Deliver seamless experiences with localization expertise.

Build efficiency with automation

Deal with large translation volumes efficiently and quickly with the latest AI-powered technology. Integrate your systems with plugins and connectors.

Plan strategic growth

Harness localization expertise to easily navigate linguistic and cultural divides when growing your business with expansion into new markets.

“We need to go bigger and faster, and we have gradually migrated from one workflow to another. It was a necessity. Acolad has moved with us in this regard, and has genuinely supported us in these changes.”

Jonathan Turpin
Localization Team Lead, ESRI

“As a global vendor who connects people - one of our biggest barriers to helping those around the world at speed is being able to support them in their language. Acolad's extra hours and dedication are having a profound effect on hundreds of millions of users around the world.”

Customer Success Manager
Tech Giant

Global content solutions for tech and software companies

A customized approach

Experts in software development, computer technologies – or the most relevant field to your business – are assigned to your translation projects so we can fully understand your challenges and objectives. This builds consistency across all your products and helps translators cope with technical documents, adapt content to your markets, or localize your website. All from a starting point of being at ease with the terminology that fits your business.



Make the most of AI-driven tech

AI is already having a transformational effect on the tech and software industries. Wherever you are on your AI journey, Acolad has the knowledge and experience to ensure you can unlock the shorter deadlines and better return on investment AI tech enables. Already making the most of AI for your translation needs? Guarantee quality from its output with the human touch to make sure user experience isn’t compromised.



Conquer new markets

Reaching new markets while making the most of your localization budget is challenging. Maximize the ROI of your marketing budget, attract your ideal user profiles, and design the optimum globalization strategy to help your business thrive in the competitive and international tech environment.

Specialized solutions for the tech industry

High tech, IT hardware & electronics

World-class translators deliver high-quality translations of user guides, manuals and other materials to help you conquer new markets. 

Our reliable and secure technology localization solutions help you manage your global content demands for product releases and hit your global launch dates, while mitigating risk and responding to evolving digital threats.  

Ideal for those marketing computers, tablets, phones or other devices overseas, our hardware translation services can localize everything from instruction manuals to user interfaces.

Multilingual IT services

Improve the experience of your customers or employees with multilingual content solutions that enhance user experience. Wherever your IT services need to interact with users, make sure that language is no obstacle to effective user support.

Ensure an optimal user experience with the best IT translation services possible thanks to specialist translators who are able to precisely use the correct technical terminology that IT services use.

Software globalization

Deliver the same immersive experience for users worldwide, whatever language they speak. Effective software globalization goes beyond translation, to guarantee functionality and take into account cultural differences when adapting to different languages.

We can help you reach a global audience with comprehensive software & mobile app localization services including translation, user interface (UI) design, engineering and quality assurance testing.

Video game localization

In the world of video games, localization goes beyond simple translation. We can carefully adapt your interactive experiences to each specific market's language and cultural references, while respecting the original meaning, text length and context.

We can transcribe and tweak the visual elements of gaming interfaces to fit local languages, including dialogue, subtitles, menus, indicators, inventories, and more. We also adapt your game communications materials, including credits, packaging, press releases and more.

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