1 March 2024

Multilingual Leader Profile: Bertrand looks back on his first year as Acolad CEO

One year after joining Acolad as CEO, Bertrand Gstalder sat down with Multilingual to talk about his perspective as a newcomer to the content and language services industry and his outlook for the coming years.

As he stepped into his role, the world - and the industry - was just beginning to experience the thrill of AI. Gstalder was equipped with in-depth knowledge of technology and its impact in business – a detail that was pivotal in Acolad’s strategy going forward.

Interviewed by Cameron Rasmusson, Multilingual's Editor-in-Chief, Bertrand talked about how Acolad is leading the charge in this AI revolution - a position made possible by the R&D work underway since 2016. According to him, the group’s forward-thinking mindset — one of its values - is key to position it well ahead of the curve, demonstrating its commitment to industry leadership and excellence.

Highlighting how the initial hype around AI, combined with the global economic turndown, led to a wait-and-see attitude in the industry, causing delays and uncertainties in new and ongoing projects, Gstalder explained how Acolad was able to adapt, transform and react quickly to a rapidly changing landscape. Despite the global context and going through a thorough transformative process, the group emerged stronger - leveraging the collective expertise of its legacy brands - and prepared to take on the challenges the industry is facing.

Covering the importance of fostering a culture of creativity and autonomy, balancing the hiring of new talent with valuing long-standing team members, and empowering people through upskilling, Bertrand Gstalder's Leader Profile offers inspiring insights into his vision for Acolad and outlook for the industry. 

Check out Bertrand Gstalder’s complete profile on Multilingual here.


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