Acolad wins two Global Content Awards

11 November 2021

Acolad has been awarded two trophies in the 2021 edition of the Global Content Awards, an international celebration that rewards outstanding content strategies across the globe: ‘Best Global Internal Content Campaign of the Year’ and ‘Global In-house Content Team of the Year’.

These awards demonstrate the global recognition of the group’s expertise in content and globalization, and arrive shortly after the news that Acolad and Amplexor have merged into one single entity, strengthening their joint leadership in content and language solutions for international organizations.

Since our foundation, we’ve helped over ten thousand customers to break linguistic barriers on a global scale, from global manufacturers to top high-tech companies.

Laser-focused on balancing human empathy in increasingly digital, automated environments, Acolad prides itself on anticipating trends in the content and language fields across industries and geographies.

In the words of Maria Sousa, Acolad Global Marketing Director, «We couldn’t be prouder to see Acolad take home two Global Content Awards and further establish our reputation as a global leader in content and language solutions. Acolad was honored to receive this recognition, as it speaks of how we approach international business, creativity, and even human connection, which are all important elements in our collaboration with clients».

Acolad had already been recognized as thought-leader in the fields of content, globalization and international SEO in the European and Global Search Awards 2020. Today, the company is considered one of the best worldwide, along with the top digital companies and most renowned agencies from different continents.

If you would like to know how we can help your company improve its digital presence, need a hand localizing critical content, or simply wish to increase user engagement on your website, we would love to hear from you ‒ contact us.

We couldn’t be prouder to see Acolad take home two Global Content Awards and further establish our reputation as a global leader in content and language solutions.

Maria Sousa
Global Marketing Director, Acolad

Employee Wellness and Engagement: The Acolad Walk Tour Success Story

The Acolad Walk Tour has been recognized as Best Internal Content Campaign of the Year, for its creativity, reach, and global engagement levels. This internal initiative challenged Acolad workers to exercise around their homes, as a way to unlock virtual pathways that would reveal Acolad offices around the globe. The farther people ran, cycled, or even swam, the more kilometers were added to a virtual map ‒ and with enough mileage, it became possible to start opening office doors all over the world.

With offices distributed across 25 different countries, Acolad found a clever way to encourage outdoor exercise, while allowing people to discover pictures of where colleagues work around the globe ‒ contributing towards feelings of connection and togetherness in pandemic times.

It was amazing to see kilometers rise, and suddenly we were moving from Asia to Europe and then the Americas. We believe we exceeded all expectations in engagement as everyone identified with the initiative’s goals: getting people to exercise, being outdoors, and making them feel a bit more connected again.

Ludivine Thomas
Head of Corporate Communication, Acolad

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