Amplexor wins Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2019 Award

05 April 2019

Amplexor is proud to announce we won the 2019 Valo Marketing Master of the Year. The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, April 3rd, at the Valo Summit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Valo Partner Awards acknowledge the contributions and success of their dedicated partners in promoting their intranet platform. The Valo Marketing Master of the Year award recognizes our creation of impressive, attractive and influential marketing campaigns and initiatives relating to the promotion of Valo ready-to-go intranets and acquisition of new digital workplace customers. 

“Amplexor has been a Valo Partner for only a year, but we’ve worked diligently from day one to make them the core of our digital workplace business.” says Tom Laureys, Solution Manager ECM at Amplexor. “We look forward to expanding our network of intranet ambassadors and empowering our regional teams with Valo’s training and support.”

Amplexor started the partnership with Valo in 2018 and it's already been quite the eventful year. Our collaboration experts fell in love with Valo's quick-to-implement, easy-to-adopt social intranet and this love quickly spread to our customers. Banks, Governments, Manufacturers and every other industry heard the buzz and reached out to learn the secret to wow and engage their workforce with a truly collaborative, intuitive intranet. The user-friendly, low-code, ready to use and intuitive platform is a no-brainer for even the most conservative sectors, and we’ve already gathered a solid customer base.

As one of our primary technology partners, Valo has a dedicated landing page on our website. It’s available in 10 languages and highlights core information about the intranet CMS, but also all relevant blog articles and eBooks we created around the Valo offering. Besides the presence on our website, our marketing activities also focus on growing the intranet community across industries and geographies. Whether at targeted boutique events or larger, third-party conferences, the outcomes of our interactions with intranet enthusiasts has been so positive that, for 2019, we’re extending the Amplexor-Valo roadshow to even more locations. Our efforts have also expanded through influential marketing campaigns, co-branded brochures in multiple languages, banners and roll-ups, and on our social media, #ValoLove was also a recurring hashtag.

Our internal network of Valo Ambassadors has also played a pivotal role in the continued success of our partnership.  Many of our digital experience and collaboration experts actively spread the word, for example by contributing to our blog. They’ve showed how to unlock the value of intranets, wow intranet users, have created requirements checklists and even compiled the handy intranet commandments containing the ten guiding principles for successful intranets.

“We're grateful our dedication towards better employee experiences and our commitment to client relationships is being recognized in the industry”, says Maria Sousa, Senior Marketing Director Brand and Inbound. “We are proud to be part of this intranet experience revolution and look forward to more great things to come.”

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