3 October 2023

Acolad hosts launch of Nataly Kelly's book on international expansion

  • Content and Language services leader organized a virtual event to help launch Nataly Kelly’s new book, Take your Company Global
  • The book is meant to be the new go-to guide to internationalization and market intensification 

Global content and language services leader Acolad recently teamed up with Rebrandly to help launch Nataly Kelly's latest book, Take Your Company Global: The New Rules of International Expansion in an exclusive virtual event.

The session was an incredible opportunity to hear Nataly Kelly, Chief Growth Officer at Rebrandly and former VP International Ops and Strategy at HubSpot, dive into the best strategies to compete on a global scale, following the questions from a surprise panel of high-profile localization professionals, moderated by community-builder, Javier Díaz Fernández-Carvajal.

Guest speakers Renato Beninato, Anna Schlegel, Gaya Jolitz, Beth Dunn and Acolad’s CEO, Bertrand Gstalder, posed the questions that led to a dynamic session, covering topics like the difference between companies that are born to be global as opposed to those that are born global.

In her own very characteristic way, Kelly explained some companies have never planned to be global and are so simply because they have a digital presence and as such, they were born to be global because they are digital – while for others, the need for being global was present at their onset, knowing that in order to grow they need globalization. Those are the companies that are born global – an increasingly large number, thinking beyond their geographical borders, regardless of size or revenue.

Kelly’s theory on the need for companies to become GEO – Globally Equitable Organizations – also marked one the most memorable moments in the session, as she described how organizations must focus on delivering equitable experiences, not only for customers but also for employees, wherever in the world they may be. The author described it as several instruments “playing the same melody, until all becomes a global symphony”.

Acolad’s CEO, Bertrand Gstalder couldn’t agree more. “Nataly’s ideas in Take Your Company Global resonate strongly with Acolad’s own values.”, he stated.” As leaders in the content and language industry, we have a role to play in our customers’ international journey and - as a company also paving its way in global markets - Acolad and its teams share the same dynamic experience with the companies we assist in reaching international audiences. To us, our customer’s success stories are intertwined with our own, and that’s what we are aiming for: we want to be playing the same music – speaking the same language.”

When questioned about the launch of Take Your Company Global and the joint launch with Rebrandly, Gstalder said: “We feel providing learning opportunities and insights into the most innovative approaches is part of our mission in the industry. As Nataly mentioned, all localization leaders need to be Chief Globalization Officers and keep the conversation going on all globalization related topics. Teaming up with Rebrandly and Nataly Kelly was an amazing opportunity to support our customers and wider audience on their way to going global.”

According to the panelists comments and the feedback from the audience, who had a chance to question Nataly Kelly about the book, Take your Company Global as the potential to become another iconic work for the Language Services industry, and an opportunity for readers to get the inside stories from the market intensification journeys of successful hyper-growth companies like Airbnb, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Revolut and many more.

To watch the virtual event on demand, please see here.

About Nataly

Nataly Kelly, Chief Growth Officer at Rebrandly, is an international business expert who contributed to HubSpot's global expansion. A Harvard Business Review contributor, she empowers leaders to expand strategically worldwide. Launching "Take Your Company Global," her guide provides comprehensive insights for global growth. An Adjunct Professor at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, she holds a bachelor's degree in Spanish and Intercultural Communication from Wartburg College and a Master’s from Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar.  

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