Professional Transcription Services

Seamless transcriptions of your audio, video, and live content, bridging language barriers and driving success for your international growth. 

Accurate, fast and secure transcriptions 

High-Quality Precision

We combine the power of AI and human expertise to transcribe vast volumes of content with speed and precision.

Fast and Easy

Simply upload your audio file or share your meeting date for transcription - let us take care of the rest.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Your content is handled with the highest level of confidentiality and compliance with industry standards

Transcription Services

Custom transcription solutions tailored to your needs

Multimedia localization

Dubbing, subtitling, voice-over are solutions that will help your content resonate to your target, in the source language as in a foreign language. Empower your existing content as well as your new content, and enhance them easily. 

Report and summary writing

Minutes provide a written record of exchanges, structure ideas and give a report of decisions. Writing minutes or a meeting summary requires a real understanding of what is being said, as well as total concentration on the task of note-taking, which is rarely compatible with participating in the discussion.

Industry-specific expertise

Our extensive network of transcriptionists, typists and data entry personnel allows us to select the right professional for your project. With specialized knowledge spanning law, medicine, finance, and government, our transcriptionists excel in handling large-volume projects and meeting tight deadlines.

AI, human and blended transcription

Acolad transcription services leverage advanced technologies, including speech recognition algorithms and AI-powered tools, to guarantee unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.  Whether it's large-volume projects or tight deadlines, our AI-human blend ensures you receive reliable and timely results, making us your trusted partner for precise and efficient transcription solutions.

On-site or remote transcription services

Whether on-site, attending live meetings, or working remotely via your usual platforms, our professional writers ensure seamless collaboration to meet your specific needs. 

Transcribing audio to text with Acolad

Transcription with attention to detail

At the core of our transcription services lies the commitment to precision, ensuring an accurate representation of the original audio, video, or live meeting content. Whether it's for media translation, advanced localization or on-demand meeting summaries, our focus on accuracy remains unwavering.

End-to-end expertise

Our specialized transcriptionists ensure the highest accuracy and short turnaround times, handling a variety of file types, including business meeting summaries, speeches, audio files, internal memos, audio notes, marketing videos, etc.

Tailored transcription services

A truly customized solution can be tailored to meet all your needs, adapting the output formats to your requirements (including time codes and optimizing the number of characters for subtitles, finding the perfect level of summarization for meeting notes).

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Frequently asked questions

New to transcription? We have answers.

The majority of what is expressed verbally is forgotten within hours, but it still needs to be captured for future reference. While notes may suffice in some instances, there are others when every word needs to be captured, including:

  • Civil and criminal litigation
  • Investigative interviews
  • Captioning videos
  • Focus groups
  • Depositions and hearings

Whether your content is audio, video or live meeting, your wish is to share it to your target in a perfect way: 

  • Audio and video contents have to be accessible to everybody, whatever the native language is: dubbing or subtitling is the key. 
  • During meetings, the majority of what is expressed verbally is forgotten within hours, but it still needs to be captured for future reference. 

Are you looking for an on-site professional note taker or someone to type up printed text in a digital format? Don’t hesitate to contact us: the Acolad writing services team can help.

Yes, Acolad routinely provides transcripts for: 

  • civil and family court hearings, 
  • administrative hearings, 
  • criminal transcripts
  • depositions, interviews 
  • and other legal proceedings. 

Advisory board meetings, pharmaceutical conferences or roundtable discussions… whatever your medical transcription needs, Acolad works with experienced medical transcriptionists with the expertise needed to deliver a precise transcript.

Our corporate transcription experts produce verbatim documents for a wide range of industries, from finance and tech to government and media. Their combination of industry expertise and attention to detail ensures you’ll receive an accurate transcript of your meeting or event.

All of the information regarding an event is included in an exhaustive summary. The writer adapts the vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to turn spoken language into a well-written document that reads as if the speaker(s) wrote it.

Revised reports present all the information provided but in the most concise text possible. Standard summaries are even more succinct, covering only the most pertinent information and eliminating asides and digressions.

Executive summaries are similar to meeting minutes. They only capture the highlights of the event and relevant action items. Everything else is eliminated.