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Life sciences translations and global content services for pharma, medical device and clinical research companies.

Unmatched expertise for worldwide medical and pharma communications

Streamline product labelling and information

Accelerate global clinical trials

Meet regulatory compliance demands

Increase project quality and efficiency

With over 30 years of experience, Acolad stands at the forefront of high-quality life sciences translation and content services. We fully understand the challenging universe in which you operate, and that’s why our technology and service solutions are designed to meet the rigorous industry standards, including regulation, validation, and compliance to local and cultural requirements. 

Partnering with medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research organizations, we provide the highest level of language and content services, unmatched expertise, and industry knowledge that helps save lives. 

Featured life sciences language solutions

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies

In the fast-paced and highly regulated world of pharma and biotech, regulatory compliance, quality, integrity, traceability, and patient safety are critical for successful international market expansion. At Acolad, we are equipped to meet your specific language needs throughout every stage of the product lifecycle, from pre-clinical to post-market. 

  • Products launch
  • Regulatory compliance  
  • Patient safety 
  • Quality requirements 
  • Time to market 

 Clinical trial translations

  • Protocols, correspondences, dossiers, patient recruitment materials, COA/PRO instruments
  • Tech and process implementation for scalability, accuracy and speed

 Successful and timely regulatory submissions

  • Deep knowledge of EMA submissions and ROW
  • Tools developed for submissions requirements

 Marketing communications

  • Website localization
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Culturally adapted campaigns
  • Copywriting and transcreation
  • Marketing transcreation

 Patient engagement

  • Culturally appropriate materials
  • Diverse recruitment
  • Interpreting services and solutions

 Timeliness of pharmacovigilance reporting

  • Systems and processes tuned for rapid turnaround
  • Technology to handle a variety of inputs and report formats
  • Translation of quality SOPs

 Translation of manufacturing records

 Corporate communications (HR, Legal, Training)

  • Multimedia localization
  • Elearning localization
  • In person and remote interpretation
  • Transcription

Clinical Research

Clinical trials are highly regulated and generate a huge volume of documents such as clinical outcome assessments (COAs), patient reported outcomes (PROs), clinician reported outcomes (ClinROs) and observer reported outcomes (ObsROs), which require an advanced workflow for translation and linguistic validation. 

  • Complex global market studies
  • Maximize value for sponsors 
  • Global patient recruitment and communication
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Time and cost pressures 
  • Secure data management
  • Quality  

 Multilingual studies management

 Clinical trial translations

 Patient engagement and recruitment

 Linguistic validation

  • eCOA
  • Cognitive debriefs
  • Clinician reviews
  • Therapeutic areas

 Tech & process consulting

  • Stakeholder communication
  • System compliance
  • API and connectors

Medical and In-Vitro Diagnostic Device 

Whether for clinical professionals or patients, medical devices always come with instructions, labels, packaging and other highly important content. The quality of translations for these materials is crucial. It not only ensures correct and safe usage of the devices but also guarantees compliance with local and regional regulatory requirements. 

  • Evolving regulatory demands 
  • User documentation and labeling 
  • Global markets and local requirements 

 Consulting on global regulatory environment

 User documentation and labeling

  • IFUs (Instructions for Use)
  • DFUs (Directions for Use) 
  • Maintenance & user manuals 
  • Packaging content 
  • UI and mobile apps
  • Quick reference guides 
  • Product labeling 

 Global content strategies for long term, scalable efficiencies

 Content authoring

 Staffing and business process outsourcing 

  • Labeling management 
  • Program management 
  • Systems administration 
  • BOM management 
  • Artwork specialist support  

 Connectivity and automated workflows

 Machine translation, AI and other cutting-edge computer aided technology 

 Customer portal for easy access to KPIs, MT and other linguistic assets

Tech-Enabled Language and Content Solutions for Life Sciences

Acolad offers a complete ecosystem of solutions and services tailored for the development, production, localization and international distribution of medical products, devices and services - all in full compliance with the regulatory demands of health authorities worldwide. 

AI-powered content services and workflows

Our advanced machine learning algorithms help provide rapid, high-quality translations, so all materials fit linguistic and cultural nuances. This AI-powered approach makes localized content more accurate and speeds up translation, vital for timely global distribution and compliance.

Interpreting services for global healthcare

Acolad’s global network of certified medical interpreters, equipped with the most advanced technology, can assist you at medical conferences and seminars, regulatory meetings and audits, research and development projects, and helping facilitate patient care in global healthcare settings.

Medical transcription services

We provide medical transcripts for all types of communications and publications, conferences, symposia, seminars and voice-recorded medical reports. Medical transcriptionists work in-person, or from recordings, while keeping to strict confidentiality standards which reflect the sensitivity of medical and research data.

Linguistic validation and quality assurance

For most clients, translation quality is subjective and intangible. For Acolad, it’s all about the process. That’s why we have a multi-level approach, enriched with AI technology, to ensure precise and consistent quality throughout all stages of your content lifecycle.

International marketing and communications

Build trust across diverse markets with our specialism in navigating the complexities of life sciences communication. Our team of multilingual SEO experts, medical copywriters and digital marketers are well-versed in the industry and can enhance your brand visibility, priming it for global success.

Corporate communications

Our services are also designed to facilitate communication with key industry stakeholders like health ministries, ethics committees, and regulatory affairs, and across various corporate channels, including HR, legal, and training.

ISO Certifications and Quality Standards

Everything we do rests on the bedrock of our ISO-certified processes and quality systems. We are certified to numerous industry and business-specific ISO standards.

A specialized team of linguists, certified for the life sciences industry

Your dedicated team of native language experts ensures cultural and linguistic accuracy while keeping up-to-date with medical industry regulations. Our project managers are responsible for training the team, monitoring compliance as well as adapting translation solutions and procedures to ICH, EDQM, MedDRA, MHRA, ISPOR, FDA and EMA standards.

  • Dedicated project management team
  • In-country, native language experts
  • Continuous translator recruitment, selection and evaluation processes
  • Optimized workflows for regulatory or regional requirements

Explore how our end-to-end language solutions can help every phase of your product's lifecycle.

Frequently asked questions

New to localization for life sciences? We have answers.

Localization ensures accurate adaptation of life science content to target markets, improving accessibility and compliance.

Localization is crucial for life sciences organizations to effectively communicate with global audiences and meet regulatory requirements.

Content that needs to be localized includes clinical trial documents, labeling, packaging, software, marketing materials and more. 

Localization improves life sciences safety by ensuring accurate translation of crucial medical information, reducing risks and misunderstandings.

Prioritize languages relevant to target markets, regulatory requirements, and regions where your life sciences products are marketed.

We ensure quality in life sciences translations through subject-matter experts, rigorous QA processes, and adherence to industry ISO standards.

Yes, we can prioritize urgent translation requests in life sciences to meet critical timelines and ensure timely communication.

We maintain strict confidentiality in life sciences documents with NDAs, secure infrastructure, and adherence to privacy regulations.

Costs for life sciences localization vary based on project scope, language pairs, content volume, and specific requirements. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Tech and AI aid life sciences localization by streamlining processes, improving consistency, and enhancing translation accuracy and efficiency.