Localization Managed Services & Global Outsourcing

Maximize localization impact and scale your teams for international success with expert localization management and global outsourcing services.

Optimize your resources for international success

Maximize the impact of your localization strategy

Gain more control over your localization processes and suppliers with greater visibility and transparency.

Optimize your risk management

Consolidate vendors, streamline translation processes and ensure supplier governance for better risk management – and scaleable resources.

Outsource with confidence

With full visibility on translation spend and KPIs and compliance with international standards, you’ll be best placed to optimize costs.

Localization managed service models

Outsourcing for effortless localization

We seamlessly integrate and maintain your localization technology solutions and operations, and coordinate global outsourcing activities, either as a jump-start to quickly launch your global presence, or as an ongoing engagement.

Localization managed services outsourcing
Outsource your entire content lifecycle, from content creation to localization and publishing, as our managed services teams manage all your multilingual processes, stakeholder and supplier management and localization infrastructure. 

Language service outsourcing
Outsource and centralize multilingual processes with a managed services collaboration where our service managers handle translation, interpreting, dubbing, corporate terminology and content quality programs for you.

Managed localization solutions

Combining technology and services to address your entire global content management lifecycle

Language operations

From coordinating daily tasks to ensuring process and customer service excellence, we handle all aspects of your language operations efficiently. Our portfolio includes translation process management, terminology and quality management.

Linguistic strategy and operations

From daily process management to supplier selection and systems management, our full-service language management is tailored to your specific needs, supporting strategic decision-making and operational excellence.

Localization resourcing

Flexible workload balancing models to supplement your in-house localization expertise. Our global pool of professionals in localization, project management and specialized subject-matter areas are ready to provide the best possible service.

Localization process optimization

We assess target markets, workflows, technologies and linguistic assets to optimize your processes so your teams can work efficiently in a standardized landscape, driving higher quality, full control and reduced costs.

Localization process management

Our expert project managers ensure smooth workflows, standardized reporting, continuous improvement and effective error correction for optimal multilingual content delivery.

Terminology management

Our terminologists research terms and definitions, manage translation memories and terminology databases, and moderating terminology alignment meetings with your content stakeholders. All to enable precise and consistent multilingual communication.

Terminology and quality management

Our translation quality assurance team handles queries, complaints, perform thorough linguistic analysis and conduct meticulous reviews so you deliver flawless and linguistically accurate content that exceeds customer expectations.

Technical services

A global technology team at your service to implement content and localization platforms, translation APIs or even AI solutions. All to enhance your global teams’ collaboration and efficiency for seamless multilingual content management.

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Frequently asked questions

New to localization managed service outsourcing? We have answers.

Localization Managed Services is a strategic approach where companies partner with a specialized language service provider to handle their end-to-end localization needs. It involves outsourcing the management and execution of all localization processes, including translation, cultural adaptation, project management, and quality assurance.

At Acolad, we offer a comprehensive turnkey solution where one dedicated contact oversees all project resources and processes, allowing you to enjoy the benefits hassle-free. During the Transition Phase, we seamlessly handle your global content programs and daily localization operations in a manner similar to your previous setup. As we move into the Transformation Phase, we optimize legacy content and localization processes, ensuring they operate more efficiently than ever before.

Our experienced consultants prioritize client satisfaction by optimizing resources, rather than just outsourcing processes. With a blend of mature workflows, diverse technology expertise and full data protection, we excel in globalization. 

Our approach is tailored to each initiative, providing customized solutions and taking ownership at every stage. We maintain a high degree of responsiveness with a global pool of qualified resources covering all regions and time zones. 

Localization managed services offer several advantages, such as cost-effectiveness, access to a global network of language experts, streamlined workflows, and reduced time-to-market. By leveraging the expertise of a dedicated partner, businesses can focus on core operations while ensuring high-quality, culturally appropriate content for their target markets.

Acolad employs industry best practices, including the use of experienced linguists, quality control processes, and specialized tools like Translation Memory and Termbase management. We also follow client-specific guidelines and conduct regular reviews to maintain consistent and accurate translations.

Clients retain significant control as they can set project guidelines, provide specific instructions, and review the work at various stages. Acolad will always act as a strategic partner, ensuring the client's preferences and objectives are prioritized.