Elearning Services

Empower your teams to fulfill their potential with intuitive learning experiences in any language.

Multilingual Elearning to Help Your International Organization Thrive

Increasingly diverse international workforces can make online training and compliance a challenge. Expertly adapted training content can help educate, inform, and engage teams, wherever they’re based and whatever language they speak.

Invest in Your People

Upskill the talent you already have with courses designed to make their learning experience as intuitive as possible.

Harmonize Across Languages

Creating compelling training content is difficult enough in one language. Rely on the true expertise of learning designers who can inform and engage multilingually.

Enhance Safety and Compliance

Guarantee that all your teams are up to date with local regulations and requirements with expertly designed, engaging training content.

“We wanted to make an elearning course that would be fresh and different from our previous version, covering real-life scenarios for ethical decision-making. Acolad was very flexible in responding to our demands, and their specialization in translation services was helpful in this project with 20 language versions.”

Ethics & Compliance, Kemira

“I’d recommend Acolad as a partner in your elearning project, especially when you have many language versions to cover! We appreciated their excellent service attitude and flexibility.”

Ethics & Compliance, Kemira 

Impactful Elearning Experiences

Localization Know-how

Everything we create can be designed with future localization needs in mind. This means content that can be cost-effectively created in as many languages as you need.

Learning Design Expertise

Deep knowledge of pedagogical and design best practices combined with technical tools helps us design intuitive and engaging content that delivers results.

AI-powered Creativity

Our experience in harnessing the latest AI tools to efficiently create engaging content, including AI voice-over, voice cloning and AI-powered visuals. 

Generative AI Elearning Course

Help your teams safely take advantage of the full benefits of AI with customizable generative AI online training.

Elearning Services to Suit Your Business Needs

Elearning Localization Services

Whether it’s localizing complex content from start to finish or improving your existing courses to ease the localization process, we go beyond mere translation to offer a complete suite of solutions to adapt your learning material for diverse audiences.

Elearning Content Creation

Elevate your elearning content. Our end-to-end content creation service aims to deliver an exceptional experience with the input of our expert content creators. We take care of storyboarding, visual design, human or AI voice-over and multimedia elements , through to final testing. Elearning course design experts are ready to create content to suit your learning needs, tools and learning management systems (LMS).

Technical Compilation

Our compilation service is designed to make your content deeply engaging and interactive. Streamline the technical aspects of elearning content creation and guarantee a polished final look that aligns with your brand to ensure your content is not only visually appealing but also technically flawless.

Ready-made Elearning Content

Our off-the-shelf elearning content is ready to help provide comprehensive, structured learning in a range of topics. Our courses include workplace learning, cultural training, diversity, equality and inclusion and employee experience training and are delivered in formats ready for your Learning Management System.

Help Your Teams Fulfill Their Potential with Engaging Learning Experiences

Frequently asked questions

Still Have Questions About Elearning? We Have Answers.

It’s our team that specializes in developing comprehensive educational solutions tailored to meet the needs of today’s businesses and professionals. Combining industry expertise and the latest educational technologies, we ensure that all courses are cutting-edge and highly effective.

Yes, our elearning courses can be designed to accommodate a wide range of LMSs and delivered in the file formats you need for easy integration.

Our Learning Business Unit works closely with industry experts, seasoned educators, and instructional designers to develop informative, engaging and practical learning experiences. We adhere to rigorous educational standards and continuously update our content to reflect industry trends and advances in tech. 

Yes, all our courses can be customized to match your organization’s needs. Whether it’s adapting existing content or creating new modules, our team is ready to deliver what you need, how you need it.