Elearning Services

Engaging, effective elearning training solutions customized to deliver what your learners need

Elearning services that deliver on your training needs

Learning in any language

90% of people want to learn in their native language - help employees skill up in a way that suits them, wherever they are. 

Engaging learning experiencies

Develop your teams' skills and boost job satisfaction with engaging, dynamic development experiences. 

Regulatory compliance

Help make sure your training complies with regulatory requirements – like workplace safety, GDPR and codes of conduct. 

“We wanted to make an elearning course that would be fresh and different from our previous version, covering real-life scenarios for ethical decision-making. Acolad was very flexible in responding to our demands, and also their specialization in translation services was helpful in this project with 20 language versions.” 

Ethics & Compliance, Kemira 

“I’d recommend Acolad as a partner in your elearning project, especially when you have many language versions to cover! We appreciated their excellent service attitude and flexibility.” 

Ethics & Compliance, Kemira 

Elearning content creation

We’re here to help provide learning programs designed around your business needs. Our elearning services team makes the most of more than 20 years of experience in producing learning-focused programs based on elearning design best practices and their extensive knowledge of elearning development tools and a huge variety of learning management systems (LMS). 

Elearning localization services 

People now expect to be able to learn in the language of their choice, and it can improve learning outcomes. With elearning translation services, you’ll be able to deliver comprehensible educational content on any topic, no matter what language your employees are comfortable with. 

An active global network of experts in learning, language and digital content, helping ensure quality in any language, no matter the project size. 

Instructional videos, product animations, voiceovers, AR/VR and other interactive multimedia projects – we cover all the bases with varied elearning tools.

Ensure your localized elearning materials are engaging for every end user, in every language and region, thanks to our comprehensive and ongoing testing processes. 

Expand your localization projects across technical documentation, marketing content, multimedia and more. Keeping your brand consistent in any language is our expertise. 

Full end-to-end elearning localization services include project planning, elearning content creation, translation, quality assurance and localization testing. Whatever your learning management system (LMS) or file format, we can get your training up and running – hassle-free. 

Elearning script writing 

An engaging and easy-to-understand script can be the difference between successful elearning content, and content that employees fail to learn from. Our team uses its wealth of expertise in creating pedagogically-structured and learner-focused scripts – for on-screen text, a professional voiceover or both. 

Experienced writers will make your training as effective as possible with their experience in mastering clear, friendly and easy-to-understand scripts. 

We’ll request your training materials and clarify any questions at a kick-off meeting. Then relax and let our elearning scriptwriters do their magic. 

Scriptwriters who know the secrets to script elearning training that delivers results, based on research and the science of learning. 

Whatever your scripts need, we’ve experience in writing it. Including; personnel induction, leadership development, change management, product installation, workplace safety, codes of conduct, GDPR and other compliance subjects, and many more. 

Elearning design 

Eye-catching elearning content will keep your audience’s attention to facilitate their learning, all while aligning with your brand standards. Our experienced inhouse elearning content team will bring your ideas to life. 

Give your audience something they’ll definitely want to look at. Visual and instructional design for elearning that your learners will be engaged with. 

Art directors use their extensive knowledge of the principles of instructional design to grab and sustain your audience’s attention. 

Share your brand guidelines and we’ll design elearning visuals that blend seamlessly with your company materials. 

Elearning animation 

In a world full of distractions, grab your learners’ attention and keep them engaged with our custom animation solutions well grounded in pedagogical principles. 

Animations can prove much more intuitive for learners. Help them use a new tool or application more intuitively. They also meet accessibility standards. 

Keep your users engaged with learning content thanks to interactive infographics that illustrate crucial concepts and data. 

Information delivered by friendly characters is more relatable and more comprehensible, whether you want a stock option, or a character customized to match your brand. 

Help employees learn in any language

Make your elearning courses inclusive and accessible for learners worldwide.