Professional Translation Services

Expand into new markets and build a strong international presence with one of the top translation services companies in the world – that’s Acolad.

Translate your way to global success

Reach international audiences

Translations services break language barriers, helping you communicate with customers in their native language.

Build trust and credibility

Demonstrate your commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs, critical in uncharted markets.

Increase revenue

Boost global sales by personalizing customer experiences and showcasing the value of your offerings worldwide. 

“Working with Acolad’s team to centralize our translation program has allowed us to put ‘Quality First’ in every aspect of our company. Our teams cannot thank you enough!"

Daniel Ritter
Head of Customer Applications, Belimo

“We chose Acolad to take over our complete terminology translation – for more than 30 languages. After 2 years, we cut translation costs by more than 50%.”

Lars-Göran Nilsson
Engineering Capability Expert, Tetra Pak

The best translation expertise where, when and how you need it

Translation Services

Website translation services

Localize and optimize your website content to extend your international presence beyond your physical locations and connect with a wider audience worldwide.

Document translation services

Translate your business documents while maintaining accuracy, context, tone and layout to ensure the final product meets the intended audience's needs.

Video translation services

Scale your video content strategy for international audiences with multimedia localization services such as AI-powered subtitling and multilingual video SEO.

Professional translation software

Automate translation workflows, scale multilingual communications and reach your markets faster with the best localization technology. 

Guaranteed translation quality in any language

Translation proofreading
Spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation: our proofreaders go over your text with a fine-tooth comb, following your instructions, glossaries and your very own translation memory. 

Revision and in-country review (ICR)

A post-translation examination where a translator (revision) or subject-matter expert (ICR) assesses the language and terminology accuracy in the respective domain, polishing when needed.


Linguistic quality assurance

A standard procedure in our translation workflow, where we evaluate the linguistic quality of the translated content, reporting on errors by type and severity for post-editing and revision.

Desktop publishing translation (DTP)

Our designers adapt graphics, fonts, the direction of reading and other visual elements, ensuring you preserve your content layout with consistent design across languages.

Translation memory system

A custom linguistic database that stores previous translations for reuse, matching new content with past translations to save time and cost while ensuring consistency.

Multilingual terminology management

We create, consolidate and translate glossaries and termbases to increase consistency, accuracy and efficiency in your international language translation projects.

A single localization agency for all your multilingual projects

Our service managers guide project delivery through ISO-certified processes, as your dedicated point of contact for multilingual content needs. We can also provide strategic consultation across your entire content ecosystem and centralize your vendors on one platform to streamline workflows – allowing you to focus your time on other internal priorities.

Grow your business through content translation

Ramping up for a new global project? Contact us today to discuss your language requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

New to translation and localization? We have answers.

Using a professional translation service is crucial for accurate and culturally appropriate translations that meet industry standards. Our professional translators guarantee precision, adherence to corporate terminology, branding, tone of voice and target audience requirements.

Trust a global language services company to maintain your brand's identity in translations with native linguists who specialize in your industry. Our content localization services exceed the specialization of local providers, covering over 500 language combinations.

Our complete step-by-step guide to a successful translation RFP covers all you need to know, from localization best practices to a free RFP template to help you select the best localization services for your specific business context.

Yes, you can contact our sales team and request a meeting. However, Acolad can cover all your translation needs with round-the-clock delivery even if we don’t have a physical office near your, thanks to our global network of 20,000+ expert translators.

Our language managers conduct quality control for delivery with various levels of linguistic quality assurance. These native specialists are well-versed in all types of content and media and receive client-specific training, ensuring accurate translations.

The words you use can shape your brand's image and differentiate your business. Having recognizable brand terminology is key to building trust with customers worldwide. We help you grow your brand with marketing messages and industry terms that set you apart from competitors.

Translation services prices depend on various factors like word count, target languages, content formats, volume, repetitions and deadline. Get a customized translation quote based on your needs for accurate translation pricing.