24 April 2024

Acolad takes the stage at GALA Valencia 2024

At GALA Valencia 2024, Acolad showcased expertise, fostered partnerships, and reinforced commitment to sustainability in language services.

In a remarkable display of industry expertise, Acolad, alongside 500 language professionals, gathered at GALA 2024 in Valencia for three days of networking and insights, and over 40 hours of content.

Acolad's presence at GALA Valencia 2024 was marked by insightful presentations, engaging discussions, and strengthened partnerships. With some of our thought leaders taking the stage to share expertise, the event showcased Acolad's commitment to shaping the future of localization.

Nancy Hähnel Talks about Career, Life & Choices

Nancy Hähnel, Acolad's General Manager Netherlands, captivated the audience with her presentation, "The Battle for Talent: Career, Life & Choices That Matter." Delving into the intricate balance between career aspirations, personal life, and finding purpose in the language industry, her talk sparked lively discussions and struck a chord with attendees.

Giulia Silvestrini Leads Interpreting Discussions

Day two saw Giulia Silvestrini, Head of Interpreting Solutions at Acolad, facilitating engaging conversations on interpreting while moderating the Interpreting SIG Unconference. This interactive session provided valuable insights into interpreting practices and workflows, enriching the knowledge exchange among participants.

AI in Localization: Empowering Humans

At GALA 2024, the localization industry embraced the rise of AI, recognizing its potential to enhance human capabilities rather than replace them. AI presents an opportunity to streamline processes, boost creativity, and expand linguistic reach.

Opportunities Within AI

AI promises to revolutionize localization by reducing manual tasks, improving translation quality, and hyper-personalizing content. These advancements enable teams to focus on creativity, upskill their workforce, and promote inclusivity in language services.

The Changing Role of Linguists

As AI becomes integral to localization, linguists transition from translators to content engineers. This shift emphasizes the importance of data science and analytics skills, prompting reskilling and evolution within the industry.

Challenges and Limitations of AI

While AI offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges such as hallucinations, biases, and cultural limitations. Trust and transparency are crucial, and careful integration into existing workflows is necessary to mitigate risks.

Customer-Centric Approach

A customer-centric approach is paramount in the age of AI, focusing on tailored solutions and understanding clients' goals and challenges. Transparency and trust are essential as clients seek vendors who offer specific AI solutions aligned with their needs.

Client-Vendor Dynamics in the AI Era

Client organizations increasingly prioritize AI-related offerings when choosing vendors. However, comparing AI solutions remains challenging, and clients rely on peer recommendations and trust in their vendors' expertise.

Reshaping Quality Management

AI reshapes quality management tasks, prompting a reassessment of translation quality evaluation. While AI-assisted solutions offer efficiency and consistency, concerns about trust, validation, and reskilling persist.

Navigating the Future of Localization

Collaboration, transparency, and innovation are crucial as the localization industry navigates the transformative impact of AI. By embracing change and leveraging AI's potential, the industry can unlock new opportunities and drive forward progress.

Strengthening Partnerships Over Dinner

Acolad also seized the opportunity to deepen connections, joining a client dinner hosted by cloud-based localization partner Phrase. This gathering was an excellent opportunity to discuss industry developments and further explore new opportunities for collaborative partnerships.

Commitment to Sustainability

As a testament to its commitment to sustainability, Acolad also sponsored sustainable badge holders and lanyards for the event. This initiative reflects Acolad's ongoing efforts to champion environmental responsibility within the language services community.

From exploring the interplay between career and personal life to moderating discussions on interpreting, Acolad’s presence at GALA Valencia 2024 contributed significantly to industry conversations, underscoring its dedication to fostering relationships and sustainability within the language services industry.

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