7 June 2024

Acolad and Deepl Join Forces to Advance AI Language Solutions

To meet the growing demand from larger organizations for generative AI, Acolad has entered a strategic partnership with AI language solutions provider DeepL. The collaboration is part of a broader strategy that combines human expertise and advanced technology to provide innovative alternatives to meet evolving customer needs.

The collaboration comes at a time when enterprise demand for generative AI is rising, with over 90% of decision-makers indicating long-term ambitions to implement such solutions. Acolad and DeepL hope to broaden their customer base by working together on tech integration and sales campaigns.

The partnership will focus on 4 key areas:

  • Combining Acolad's extensive market knowledge with DeepL's cutting-edge AI and LLM technology to address specific.
  • Constructing new technological integrations to assist businesses in accelerating the adoption of AI. 
  • Accelerating client solutions by fusing AI with services provided by expert-in-the-loop services.
  • Creating collaborative business strategies that inform and engage mutual clients. 

Acolad prides itself on providing highly customized services based on the latest machine translation (MT) and AI capabilities, integrating innovative “expert-in-the-loop” approaches. “Building these types of synergies is a concretization of our mission: empowering organizations anywhere by cleverly blending human creativity with technology,” says CRO of Acolad, Gráinne Maycock. “As two forward-thinking companies with a global reach, impeccable reputations, and a long standing in the market, we understand the need to be able to cater to our customers evolving needs—and teaming up with DeepL.”

“Language and translation are one of the most strategic areas of AI implementation that enterprises are exploring right now,” echoes DeepL’s CRO David Parry-Jones. “DeepL’s function-specific AI models have raised the bar for accuracy, excellence, and top-notch security that global businesses demand. Our partnership with Acolad represents another step forward in our mission to empower large organizations to establish a truly global footprint.”

Acolad continues to expand its GenAI portfolio, incorporating AI-assisted content creation and quality management solutions on top of AI voices, AI for regulatory compliance and further AI powered Machine Translation solutions. Upcoming developments include automated product descriptions, automated post-editing and Quality Evaluation, solutions for regulated industries, content rating, summarizing, and more. 

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