The Technicis Group becomes Acolad

29 January 2019

The Technicis Group, Europe’s leading provider of professional translation services, is becoming Acolad

The Group, which leads the European market, turned over 117 million euros in 2018. Its clearer, simpler new brand structure is intended to support the Group’s international development.

The launch of Acolad will see nine of the twelve companies that make up the Technicis Group (Technicis, VO Paris, Cogen, Translation Probst, Arancho Doc, Soget, HL Trad, CPW and Sémantis) come together under a single brand name. In a strongly growing, particularly fragmented market, the Acolad group – Europe’s leading provider of professional translation services – will aim to continue its development supported by a strong, recognisable brand. Regarded as the most dynamic player in the sector, mainly due to its external growth strategy, the Group has channelled months of internal reorganisation and reflection on its core business into a clear, unique positioning.

Acolad stands out in what is a particularly fragmented market

The language service market is enjoying continued growth (+8% in 2017), is made up of several tens of thousands of players and in 2018 alone was worth 46 billion dollars. [1] The Acolad Group has sought to make an impact in this particularly competitive environment by pursuing an external growth strategy that has earned its place as leader in the European market. Since 2012, the Group has accelerated its development considerably with the acquisition of eight specialised companies in the professional translation sector.

VO Paris was the first to join the Group in 2012, followed by Cogen (2015), Translation Probst (2016), Arancho Doc and Soget (2017) and more recently TextMaster, HL Trad (including CPW & Sémantis) and Telelingua. The purchase of AAC Global last October was the Group’s eighth acquisition and its fourth in 2018.

Multi-local: a highly differentiated positioning

At the heart of Acolad’s development strategy is its multi-local DNA. The Group, which until now has had a wide portfolio of brands, is aiming for a clearer positioning: Acolad is a world leader in language services that combines proximity, flexibility and the market knowledge of a local provider.

The Group has a strong international presence underpinning its multi-local positioning, with offices located in 14 countries across Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England and the Netherlands), North America (Canada, the United States) and Asia (China). With a 117-million-euro turnover in 2018 and more than 820 employees worldwide, Acolad now occupies the top spot in the European professional translation market.


Creating the Acolad brand

“Over the last few months, we have been working hard restructuring the business internally and reflecting on our vision of the translation business. A clearer Group positioning and a simpler brand portfolio were essential to allow us to refocus on one strong brand. Acolad is the culmination of a large-scale endeavour, and would not be what it is without the external growth strategy we set in motion several years ago”

Benjamin du Fraysseix
Acolad Group CEO

Acolad Group brands

The Group is made up of twelve brands, nine of which are affected by the rebranding. As of today, Technicis, VO Paris, Cogen, Translation Probst, Arancho Doc, Soget, HL Trad, CPW and Sémantis are becoming Acolad. The TextMaster, Telelingua and AAC Global brands will retain their current names.


[1] Source: Common Sense Advisory, the Language Services Market: 2018

About Acolad

Acolad is the European leader in professional translation and has distinguished itself as one of the most dynamic players in its sector. The group currently has a presence in 14 countries on three different continents (Europe, North America, and Asia) and is differentiated by its multi-local approach to the market, a distinction that makes it the preferred agency of many international clients. Acolad therefore combines the strengths of a global leader with the proximity of a local partner. The expertise and passion for language shared by Acolad’s teams extend across all of its services and linguistic disciplines: translation, localisation, webmastering, interpreting… To ensure that each of its clients receives outstanding service, the Acolad group has established trust-based partnerships with over 15,000 professional translators who are true wordsmiths.

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