3 January 2024

Acolad Team Rallies Support for Madrid Food Bank

Donations to the food bank will go towards helping hundreds of families in difficult situations.

Acolad teams in Spain started the year giving back to local communities in a special collaboration with the Food Bank of Madrid to raise much-needed donations for hundreds of families in difficult situations. Operation Online Kilo opened in late November 2023 and accepted donations until January 9th.

“Ubiqus had been supporting the Madrid Food Bank for many years and we are more than thrilled to be embracing this same initiative at Acolad,” said Rocco Filomeno, General Manager Southern Europe. “It is incredible to see that both companies, now merged, are united by this same giving spirit. The impact we can have as one single brand is huge!”

Acolad made its own financial donation to the campaign, and colleagues made individual contributions. The amount raised has had a large impact in the local community, helping the food bank to distribute basic non-perishable goods and a daily meal to more than 160,000 people through 568 charities.

What is a Food Bank?

Food banks are non-profit charitable organizations that distribute food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger, usually through intermediaries like food pantries and soup kitchens. Want to help your local food bank?  Find a credible Food Bank near you.

About the Madrid Food Bank

The Madrid Food Bank Foundation (FBAM) is an institution with 27 years of experience based on volunteerism whose purpose is to raise awareness in society and promote its solidarity to alleviate, through the management of the Madrid Food Bank (BAM), the lack of resources to have a decent life. It collects financial and food donations, suitable for human consumption for subsequent free distribution to people in poverty or at risk of social exclusion in the Community of Madrid through legally recognized charitable entities, thus promoting the circular economy. The Madrid Food Bank is a member of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) and of the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA). Learn more about the foundation.

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