Language Training

Develop communication skills with specialist language training and self-study courses

Improve communication skills with professional language training

Foster understanding

Being able to communicate clearly in more than one language is becoming crucial as more businesses rely on global teams and networks. 

Build better business relationships

A deeper understanding of languages and cultures through a language training program can help develop crucial business relationships. 

Gain the upper hand in negotiations

More confidence in language and communication skills can help you come out on top when it comes to tricky negotiations. 

A choice of training to suit you

Training designed to fit around you. From self-service online language training, to hybrid learning, or instructor-led classes, each is designed for what you need. 

Education Alliance Finland conducts impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. According to Education Alliance Finland's evaluation, Acolad professional courses represent high educational quality and are proven to promote learning efficiently. 

“When an employer invests in language learning, the biggest gains are in integration and in helping the employee to feel welcome at the company.” 


Carl-Ove Kolmodin 
Head of Learning and Development, ABB 

Language training services

Thorough language training planned to meet your business needs, focused on precise language and communication skills to help you to succeed. You’ll be on the path to more effective communication with focused solutions packaged into efficient, cost-effective learning pathways. 

Language training features

Pedagogical expertise 
Our language trainers bring a wealth of experience in adult education, pedagogy and real-life business and industry know-how. 

Online student portal 
Conveniently track your course schedule, access course details, review material and contact your trainer or our customer service team. 

Reporting tools 
An online portal for decision-makers, with 24/7 access to track, report and re-order language training courses with ease. 

Online learning environment 
Exchange messages with your trainer, access your course plan and digital learning material, share files, linked and other content all through our online learning tool, 360 learning. 

Self-study language training services

Study when it suits you with language training online and courses on business topics. Cost-effective, fun and flexible learning with high-quality content full of engaging animations, infographics, exercises, games and downloadable resources. 

Simply select a course or program from our library in the Acolad Learning Store, ranging from business communication skills to vocabulary and grammar skills, or with a subscription you can get access to more than 100 hours of engaging self-study content. 

Flexible study to fit you 
Access your study material on-demand, at any time and any place, meaning you can fit study around your busy schedule. 


Engaging material 
Material designed by experts will help engage and motivate you in your language study.


Cost-effective learning 
Gain access to quality, affordable language learning without spending time or money traveling to a lesson.

Instructor-led training

Studying with a professional trainer is a very effective way to improve your language skills. An experienced professional language trainer will guide you with feedback and error correction - while facilitating a stimulating and cooperative learning experience. 

From one-on-one to large groups 
Focus on improving the skills you need in your daily work, whether you want to study one-on-one, work with a colleague or with a larger group.  


Set your own learning targets 
Tailor your course and sessions to suit your learning needs. Our extensive trainer network means we can cater to a long list of languages and work either online or onsite.


Constructive feedback 
At the end of your training, you’ll get an evaluation with personalized feedback, rating progress and with recommendations for further learning. 

Hybrid learning

Combine the flexibility of self-study with the effectiveness of instructor-led training for high learning impact. Study at any time that suits you, but still count on sessions with a personal language trainer to stay motivated to hit your language goals. 

Flexible but effective learning 
When you find it difficult to free up enough time for solely instructor-led sessions, keep the flexibility of online classes but with the added benefit of an expert to guide your progress. 


Build a package to suit you 
Select a hybrid package from the Acolad Learning Store, or combine any of our self-study topics with as many one-to-one or group sessions with a professional language trainer as you need. 


Save with a subscription 
Individual learners with a subscription can benefit from access to all the self-study content in the Acolad learning library. They also get a fixed number of one-to-one online sessions you can schedule with your language trainer during your subscription period. 

Cultural training services

Cultural differences are a daily reality in modern multilingual, multicultural workplaces. Give your employees, supervisors, managers and leaders the cultural skills they need to deal with daily interactions, improve team efficiency and mitigate the risks of miscommunication and misunderstandings. 


  • Training where and when you need it 
  • Learn from industry experience 
  • Practical help for real-life situations 
  • Train in your language 

Perfect your business communication skills through language training

Our business communication training experts can help.