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Microsoft awards Acolad Digital for user adoption & change management

After being recognized as Microsoft Gold Partner, Acolad Digital was awarded Microsoft’s Advanced Specialization in Adoption & Change Management.

 4 July 2022 

Acolad Digital was recently awarded the Advanced Specialization in Adoption & Change Management by our valued parter, Microsoft. Advanced specializations are only granted on top of existing Gold Partnerships and are meant to certify extensive expertise and proven ability to build solid connections with their customers.

Partners are awarded this distinction  by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Certifying consultants as Microsoft Adoption Service Specialists
  • Showing an annual growth of 10.000 Monthly Active Users at our customers
  • Going through a Microsoft audit at 3 selected customers

At Acolad Digital we always emphasize the importance of a solid adoption track in any roll-out, be it an intranet, a business application, or a complete digital workplace.

Even though tools are evolving positively, we experience hesitation from customers to fully invest in adoption, so we naturally adapt to their rhythm to ensure a smooth transition.

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“Partners who demonstrate deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success driving Microsoft 365 usage and organizational change by providing adoption and change management services may seek the Adoption and Change Management advanced specialization.” 

Program Overview and Requirements, Microsoft

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