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Acolad maintains top 10 position in industry rankings

2 March 2023

Acolad ranks again among Top 10 Language Services Provider in the world, according to latest Slator and Nimdzi reports.

The 2022 ranking already reflects the joined results of Ubiqus and Acolad, following the M&A operation announced last April.

Acolad is proud to announce it is standing firmly in the top 10 of world’s largest LSPs, according to the most prominent industry surveys. Ranking 7th in Slator's 2023 LSP Index – it was 8th in 2022 - and 10th in Nimdzi's Top 100 Largest Language Services Providers, Acolad’s results are representative of the group’s growth journey and proof of its status as an industry leader.

In addition to the 7th place ranking, Acolad remains as a Super Agency in Slator’s 2023 Index – which features over 300 Language Service Providers, ranking them by revenue, through thousands of datapoints including top sectors, HQ locations, company ownership, and more. 

As for Nimdzi's 100 Ranking, Acolad dropped slightly from 9th to 10th place, due to the type of indicators used in the analysis and the level of comparison that can be established among them, as well as the fast emergence and growth of the Multimedia and Gaming Localization sector.

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