Igniting translation innovations: LocWorld49 unveiled

15 June 2023

Acolad was a sponsor and speaker at this year’s LocWorld49, and we are so pleased with its enormous success. The renowned event for language and translation services professionals, took center stage in Malmö, Sweden last week, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. This three-day gathering, held from June 6-8, 2023, attracted industry leaders from around the globe, providing a common place for knowledge exchange, valuable connections, and a glimpse into the future of the industry.

The sessions offered valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of localization and translation services, discussing how recent AI developments are shaping the industry and how these can be powerful tools to take human translation a step further.

Kick-off, Swedish style

Before the opening ceremony of the conference, our team started the festivities with a traditional Swedish Fika. Giving our invitees from Warner Bros, Cisco, Dell, Qualtrics, Coupa, Trusted shops and Phrase the chance to celebrate Sweden’s National Day in a cozy environment surrounded by typical food, we strengthened connections and shared knowledge about all thing globalization.

Scaling product and marketing localization teams

Gráinne Maycock, Acolad CRO, hosted “Scaling Product and Marketing Localization Teams" featuring Mercedes Krimme and Rose Morgan from Spotify, who shared their strategy for scaling their localization team to support key product and marketing initiatives. The session highlighted how Spotify structures their localization team, supporting product launches, and providing development opportunities to ensure success. We learnt more on how they doubled their team, supporting global launches, and achieving career progression. Find the presentation here.

Video content revolution: unlock the power of AI for automated localized text generation

The Process Innovation Challenge is an exciting competition that celebrates innovation and visionary minds in the localization and translation industry. This challenge invites innovators to pitch their groundbreaking ideas to an audience of peers and industry experts, and Frédéric Queudret, Acolad's CTO, took the challenge presenting "Video Content Revolution: Unlock the Power of Automated Localized Text Generation".

Frédéric showcase a prototype innovation that caught everyone’s attention, sharing the story of how we are using AI to help a French multimedia giant transform their video content. The jury, Process Dragons Britta Aagaard, Esther Curiel and Giulia Tarditi asked Frédéric about real use cases of this technology and how it combines AI with humans and how that will evolve in the coming future. Find the presentation here.

How localization is driving growth in the entertainment industry (and vice versa)

Gráinne Maycock sat with Warner Bros Discovery, Entertainment One/Hasbro, and Dell Technologies localization experts to discover how localization is a growth driver in the entertainment industry and how new technology is impacting the surge in foreign content.

Coming from a localization-dependent industry, relying extensively on the ability to adapt linguistic use and tailor multiplatform content, they tell all on the most innovative localization approaches in entertainment, through key projects such as the Language Metadata Table (LMT), which was originally developed to address industry-specific challenges, has since gathered a bandwagon of supporters among other industries as best practice case. Find the presentation here.

From asylum seeker to interpreter: the success story of Basel

Lastly, Nancy Hähnel, Acolad's General Manager for the Netherlands, took the focus away from the AI whirlwind taking the language industry by storm, sharing an inspiring presentation on the success story of Basel Someh, a professional interpreter shaped by Syria's geopolitical crisis who is now helping other asylum seekers through interpretation and culture bridging.

Basel's experience showcased the pivotal role of language in his remarkable journey. The presentation delved into the integration program that supported Basel's transition and the valuable services he provided alongside Acolad to the Dutch government. Basel's story underscored the significance of language and communication in our interconnected world, leaving attendees inspired by his resilience and the opportunities it created. Find the presentation here.


LocWorld49 in Malmö truly embodied the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing within the language and translation services industry. With its outstanding teams, influential speakers, and thought-provoking sessions, the event reinforced its position as an essential gathering for professionals in the field

See you at LocWorld50 in Silicon Valley!

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