AI Voice-over Services

Embrace the power of AI to elevate your brand’s voice, engage your audience and reach more people than ever before.

High-quality multilingual synthetic audio

Faster time-to-market

Synthetic voices mean audio production times are cut in half.

Cost savings

AI is more cost effective than talent or studio time and scales more easily.

Reach new audiences

Localize more video than you ever thought possible – and improve accessibility.

Better customer experience

Create engaging experiences for audiences with human-like voices in their language.

Multilingual AI voice-over services tailored to your needs

Your one-stop shop for AI voice-over
Starting with script creation, through to translation and AI audio creation, our experts know every step required to make compelling multilingual content.

Multilingual audio expertise
Years of working with natural language processing, multimedia localization and automatic speech recognition means we know exactly how to edit AI voices for a clear, natural-sounding result.

Latest AI technology
Our tech-agnostic approach means our experts help choose the tools that best fit your use case. Within voice-overs, make the most of different personalities to fit your content – or clone an existing speaker’s voice.

AI with the human touch
AI and automation are only as good as the experts powering it. Our human expertise in language and audio technology helps streamline content creation when combined with AI.

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Still have questions about AI voice-over? We have answers.

Recent AI tech advancements mean short audio segments are virtually indistinguishable from human voice samples. While for some applications, such as where emotional nuance is crucial, human voice artists are preferable, there are many applications where an AI voice-over is very effective.

Guarantee consistency in tone and pronunciation, faster turnaround times and reduced production costs compared to human voice-overs. You don’t have the additional cost of buyout fees, residuals or capacity limitations. Beyond this, refining a script or the personality of the voice is a far quicker and easier process.

Voice cloning takes an existing human voice and creates a synthetic replica that follows the original vocal pattern, cadence and unique traits. The cloned voice can then be used for a future AI voice-over.

For example, a corporate town hall presentation could be given by your CEO in multiple languages - even those they do not speak, or you could create a literal brand voice for your business to use in perpetuity in various languages.

AI voice-over can be used in almost any situation where a human voice is used. It’s particularly successful for narration, educational, gaming and documentary media content. It’s now possible to create high-quality results for marketing, and entertainment. Even TV and feature-length films are starting to make use of the technology.

Outside of individual content, we can work with existing content, or create from scratch. AI voice-over is perfect for an existing video where you need multiple language versions quickly and efficiently. It also works for new content, such as a video or elearning course, or for audio tracks in several languages.