Acolad Academy

Continuing education for Interpreters and Translators. 

Acolad Academy is our accredited training institution for Permanent Education of Interpreters and Translators. With the mission to continuously support the professional development and qualification of interpreters and translators, the Academy's courses also respond to market and government demands.

By encouraging interpreters and translators to continue their professional development we make sure we work with the best.

Sylvie Versteylen
Acolad SVP and GM Europe

About the Academy

The Acolad Academy (formerly Livewords Academy) was founded in 2015 due to the growing influx of refugees and the need to train new interpreters. When the ‘Interpreters in the Future’ program was launched by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security in 2016, Acolad (then Livewords) was involved in the various working groups to help think about the new system and the quality and development of interpreters.

Today, as an accredited institution, the Academy contributes to the development of the competencies of interpreters and translators while also supporting the work of the immigration and criminal justice chain.

Removing the barriers for interpreters’ qualification

Interpreters and translators often face barriers to training in terms of costs and a lack of time. In addition, a significant proportion of the interpreter population is insufficiently qualified to join the register and cannot get past the Emergency List status. Acolad Academy aims to remove these barriers and invest in the development of all interpreters through the following:

  • In-house training programs
  • Digital training and webinars
  • Blended learning, combining online and classroom training

Accredited by the Decree on Permanent Education (PE)

As of July 1 2022, the curriculum provided by Acolad Academy in The Netherlands will offer courses with PE-points. These courses allow participating translators and interpreters to extend their registration in the Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Rbtv).

Quality assurance: ISO9001 and ISO27001

Our training programs are carefully designed and subject to continuous monitoring to align with rigorous quality standards and regulations.

We are delighted to be able to provide yet another benefit to the interpreter and translator community. Acolad is strongly investing in building up interpreting capabilities and uplifting the community to meet current market needs.

Nancy Hähnel
Acolad GM, Netherlands

Refresh or broaden your knowledge and skills

Acolad Academy partners with the best accredited trainers and training institutes.

Are you a sworn interpreter or translator looking to broaden your expertise? Or are you trying to register as a sworn interpreter? Discover what Acolad Academy can do for you.


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