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Customised translation of your content for a multi-local brand image

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Adapting content to the local audience

Adding a creative angle to your message taking the targeted market and culture into account

Conveying a strong message

Your multicultural slogans and communication media will generate the desired emotion

Professional writers

Your content will be produced by transcreators who are specialised in marketing and advertising

Beyond standard translation

Creative translation or transcreation is mainly used for advertising or marketing content. The aim of this technique is to reproduce carefully-devised content in one or several languages, respecting the context and recreating the emotion generated by the text. The idea is to perfectly respect the expectations of the client and to convey the exact image that the brand wants to share internationally. The transcreation service is much more than a simple translation. It guarantees that the message communicated will be powerful and adapted to your target audience.

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Multi-local communication

International companies increasingly choose transcreation for their marketing translations. It is an effective way of producing a clear message that everyone can understand. Transcreation is therefore used for advertising and promotional content targeting a specific audience. It needs to be highly persuasive, such as titles, slogans, TV commercials, print adverts, leaflets, web banners, publications on social networks, etc.

transcreation and translation for a new market

A meaningful change

The Haribo slogan is an excellent example of transcreation. The well-known slogan was originally translated from the German “Haribo macht Kinder froh und Erwachsene ebenso”. Its standard translation would have been “Haribo makes kids as well as grown-ups happy”, but the transcreator localised the slogan to make it more attractive to English-speakers: “Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo”.

translation to other languages

What is the difference between transcreation, copywriting and adaptation?

The differences between these three services can sometimes be difficult to appreciate, but they each meet specific needs. Just like an adaptation, transcreation is based on a source text, but it also requires clear instructions and the extensive creativity of copywriting. Moreover, transcreation suits short texts, in contrast to the two other services. All three include an element of adaptation.



Customised support

As with all projects, it is essential that we start by properly analysing and understanding your needs to guarantee a quality service. At Acolad, we take the time to listen to your needs to understand your brand’s DNA and to discover all its characteristics. This immersion into your company culture serves to produce clear and precise specifications, similar to ones drawn up by a marketing agency, that can then be sent to a translator specialised in marketing content, known as a “transcreator”.

a work for each client

Do you need to adapt your marketing content at a local level?

The expertise of a transcreator

A translator will remain faithful to the source text, whereas a transcreator will take a more liberal approach. As well as being a good linguist, he is also an expert creative writer. This double skill allows him to master the content fully: he understands the meaning perfectly and adapts it to the target market.

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The importance of words

Transcreation therefore goes beyond a standard translation. The approach is very different as the transcreator distances himself from the text in order to adapt it to the target market. He immerses himself in the brand’s identity to develop a unique message that takes the cultural heritage of the target market into account. The transcreator therefore reproduces the emotion associated with the brand while taking a step back from the source text.

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