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Our rebranding

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AAC Global and Telelingua are rebranding as Acolad 

Since its creation more than 25 years ago, the Acolad group has been committed to providing you with the best language services and technologies. Recently, the group has experienced strong international growth and is proud to have subsidiaries in 14 countries, over 30 offices on three continents, and an ever-expanding range of services. We are pleased to announce that two more Acolad group companies, AAC Global and Telelingua, are joining the Acolad brand.  


AAC Global is one of the leading Nordic providers of global B2B learning and translation services. With offices in three countries, they specialize in multilingual learning services, thanks to their unique combination of multilingual, creative, and pedagogical expertise. AAC Global joined the Acolad group in 2018 and is rebranding as Acolad this spring. 


Telelingua has 30 years of experience in the translation and localization industry and brings significant expertise in the life sciences sector to the group. Telelingua’s clients from around the world appreciate the combination of excellent customer service and cutting-edge technology that it offers, as well as its ability to handle projects of all sizes and degrees of complexity. Telelingua is also rebranding as Acolad during spring 2020. 

Why are we rebranding? 

Having multiple names and websites no longer corresponded with what we have become today – a single provider for all of your language needs. We wanted to be identifiable by you – our clients – and to optimize the management of your translation and localization projects. Starting now, you will only need to remember one name for all of your language projects: Acolad 


It’s thanks to you that the Acolad brand has continued to grow after its creation last year. Thank you for placing your trust in us, for your high standards, for your feedback – which is always so constructive – and for your enthusiasm. We look forward to writing this new chapter together.  


The Acolad team 

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