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What does Covid-19 mean for an international company?


In the translation industry, we are used to promoting cross-border movement and global connections, and it has been troubling to see how quickly the Covid-19 epidemic can put our daily routines into question.    As a multi-local company, we have team members around the world. Some of them are located in countries that have had to take severe measures, whereas others have been less affected. My thoughts […]

The Acolad Group acquires Livewords


The Technicis Group, Europe’s leading provider of professional translation services, is becoming Acolad


The Group, which leads the European market, turned over 117 million euros in 2018. Its clearer, simpler new brand structure is intended to support the Group’s international development.     The launch of Acolad will see nine of the twelve companies that make up the Technicis Group (Technicis, VO Paris, Cogen, Translation Probst, Arancho Doc, […]

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