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Website project for Kuusakoski

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Marketing content services

In conjunction with their brand renewal, Kuusakoski decided to renew their public website and selected us as their partner to design and implement the structure, layout and content of the website as well as to translate the global content in it.

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The most important goals set for the website were the following:
  • The structure and the global content of the website must support Kuusakoski's strategy in the best possible manner.
  • Kuusakoski operates locally in 11 countries, so the design had  to take into account country-specific content and language requirements.
  • The layout of the website had to comply with Kuusakoski's renewed brand image.
  • The website was to be responsive, in other words it needed to support various terminal devices and displays of various sizes including mobile devices.
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In order to understand the requirements set by Kuusakoski's strategy and various business areas, we organized a workshop with Kuusakoski's Communications Team. Based on the workshop results, additional discussions with representatives of other business units and country-specific requirements, we designed a structure for the website that took into account the demands of global communications, the scalability to country-specific needs and requirements of multiple languages used.
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In the layout, we aimed for simplicity and compliance with the new brand image. We took responsiveness into account by creating the layout from elements that are scaled and reorganized for narrower display devices like mobile devices. The website renewal project succeeded exceedingly well, and the new website was launched on time.
Kuusakoski website team

  • The renewed website delivers a consistent message about Kuusakoski's core business globally.
  • Country-specific needs and the need for multiple languages have been taken into account in the implementation of the website.
  • The website is perfectly aligned with Kuusakoski's strategy and renewed brand image.
  • The implementation is modern and supports all terminal devices.
  • Thanks to the increased understanding and trust resulting from our close cooperation, the project enables a mutually beneficial strategic partnership also in the future.

What other services were used?

In content production, we closely cooperated with experts in various business areas to ensure that the key issues for Kuusakoski's customers were presented in the right way.

The global content was translated into seven languages.

In addition, we organized a photoshoot where we shot Kuusakoski's business and recycling materials, taking the new website's content into account, while making sure it conforms with the updated brand image.

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Feedback from the project

“We were impressed by how well Acolad had prepared for the workshop. Thanks to the close dialogue between us, the project proceeded continuously in the right direction. Everything Acolad promised, they delivered. The budget for the project was also expertly drawn up and held up until the very end.”

Communications Manager, Kuusakoski Oy
, Marja-Leena Ahtiainen

“Cooperation with Acolad was extremely easy and uncomplicated. The project and its end result absolutely exceeded all our expectations. It was amazing how Acolad understood Kuusakoski’s business and managed to combine the visual look with Kuusakoski’s strategy and requirements set by it.”

Communications Officer, Kuusakoski Oy
, Laura Oksanen

“Acolad took the requirements of technical implementation into account as early as the specification stage and was able to discuss technical matters directly with Avenla [partner responsible for the technical implementation], which made our job easier and created considerable added value to the project.”

Software Development Manager, Kuusakoski Oy
, Teemu Niemelä


“We are extremely proud of the end result. We are extremely happy to present our new website and recommend Acolad as an excellent cooperation partner.”

Communications Manager, Kuusakoski Oy
, Marja-Leena Ahtiainen

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