Case Study

Tech-giant breaks language barriers worldwide

Learn how Acolad helped a leading tech giant to adapt high volumes of content across documents, website and software to different languages and markets. 

The Client

A world-renowned manufacturer and seller of networking and telecommunications hardware, software and other high-technology services/products. Counting over 250 offices across the globe, this market leader generates billions of dollars in revenue

The Challenge

With three major departments focused on globalization (product, marketing and branding), this high-tech giant had very complex content needs.

Along with dealing with large volumes of content and tech industry-specific terminology in over 24 languages, needs were hard to predict.

At the same time, the continual changes within their content systems and turnover in some departments, increased the concerns with content quality and consistency across languages.

Lastly, the vast diversity of languages and siloed processes, made localization often take too long.

The Solution

The customized solution for the tech-giant was trifold. The customer chose Acolad as the provider for their global content – from standard translation to website and software localization and testing.

Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

It all started with standard human translation; where linguists would translate, edit it and then proof the final localized content (TEP). As technology evolved, the service transitioned to machine translation, proof, edit model (MTPE), where content is automatically translated, then proofed and edited by professional linguists. Due to the company’s frequent turnover and acquisitions, the MTPE model was the perfect match to address the constantly changing terminology. The advanced machine learning capabilities supported an on-going training of MT engines.

Custom Workflows

As internal content systems also experienced continual change, Acolad built and implemented custom connectors to simplify content workflows and automate the connection between systems and our language services. Opting for these custom connectors reduces the number of human touchpoints and minimizes the chance of human error – keeping content and connection in perfect automation.

Software Testing Across 24 Languages

After localization is complete, Acolad performs the software testing across multiple devices spanning 24 languages. This in-context review is critical to ensure the translated content is accurate within the framework and guarantee a high-quality user experience across languages.

24/7 Linguistic Support

Around the world workflow makes for 24/7 requests. As the customer’s global presence grew, Acolad turned to a “follow the sun” service team, meaning a full-team in all parts of world to keep requests going all day (and night) long.

As a global vendor who connects people – one of our biggest barriers to helping those around the world at speed is being able to support them in their language. Acolad’s extra hours and dedication are having a profound effect on hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Customer Success Manager


The Result

Through years of partnership, this tech-giant and Acolad’s relationships has excelled. The powerful-duo was able to keep consistent terminology and branding through a well-trained MTPE model with linguist edits following MT, and in-context review on all software before final delivery.

Opting for a “follow the sun” model made translation progress easily tracked and delivered faster, cutting turnaround times.

Also, while working through unprecedented times due to COVID-19, Acolad helped the customer drive more business through education ecosystems (even in a global pandemic). All during the challenging times, the customer was able to add four more languages, and onboard 28 more certified linguists in three months to keep up with demand.

And during the global pandemic this work even reached the White House (now that’s a success!).

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