Case Study

How AI Interpreting Revolutionized a Multilingual Product Launch

Implementing the latest AI interpreting technology helped make a life sciences product launch a resounding success.


Breaking Down Language Barriers at a Global Event

As a global life sciences company, our client hosts product launches that attract a global and multilingual audience. It’s been difficult to avoid the buzz around AI over the past year, and our client was no different, expressing interest in trying out brand-new AI interpreting technology.

With a short time scale to the event and budgetary constraints a consideration, we worked with the client to help implement the right solution to deliver the crucial product launch information to every attendee, whatever language they’re comfortable with. 


Implementing AI Interpreting

With the end goal of helping every attendee benefit from the client’s product launch messaging, our teams designed a bespoke plan to implement the brand-new AI interpreting technology.

We held initial meetings to gain a better understanding of the client’s needs for the event and to demo the technology. The client needed the interpreting to be available in five different languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

The setup was simple. All we needed was an audio feed of the event to provide the input for the AI technology. From there, attendees could scan a QR code with their own mobile devices that would take them to an app – with their login credentials pre-filled. They simply had to pick the language they wanted to hear.

AI Interpreting: The Key Benefits

  • Avoids difficulty of finding interpreters at short notice.
  • Helps cut the carbon footprint of flying interpreters.
  • Great for hard-to-find language combinations.
  • Perfect for events with longer-duration speakers.
  • Doesn't get tired!

While the AI interpreting tech is constantly improving, it's still an emerging technology. With that in mind, it's important to trust the human experts who can help you determine if AI interpreting fits your needs.

The Result

A Successful Launch - In Every Language

Using AI interpreting at this event helped our client make significant savings. In this case, it cost about 75% less than traditional on-site interpreting. AI interpreting is particularly cost-effective to implement in languages that may only have a small number of speakers at the event.

Beyond simple efficiencies though, the use of AI technology helped our client deliver a very successful product launch, whichever language attendees were more comfortable with. This meant our client was able to deliver their key messages in an easy-to-understand way.

  • 75% cost savings
  • Quick setup
  • More language options

Our collaborative approach means we’re able to understand and suggest the best solutions to fit clients’ needs for their events. AI interpreting is an emerging technology but has clear benefits in terms of cost and flexibility. It was a good fit for this event, and I hope it will open up multilingual support for more events – helping businesses overcome communication barriers.

Oliver Hall, Interpreting Department Manager UK, Acolad

Make your event a multilingual success with the help of AI interpreting

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