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How to carry out a linguistic adaptation for the largest publishing houses



Article published as part of the event Les places d'Or – Luxury Design and Packaging Fair

Acolad carries out the multilingual graphic adaptation of the media of major luxury and publishing houses, in collaboration with their subsidiaries, all over the world.

The graphic adaptation consists in rendering the graphic aspect of a packaging or a beautiful print, whatever its language, as naturally as if it had been designed and laid out by a graphic agency of the targeted country.

The expertise of the Acolad graphics team is not intended to supplement the creative people who imagine and design the models but, on the contrary, to know how to  recognize the creative intention  having been able to meet the needs of the House to make it as relevant, regardless of the target market. Indeed,  words are for Acolad a visual and graphic material which already conveys a message in its form .

Sophie Tavernier, DTP co-manager, talks about it this way:

“We focus on the story to be told, the connotation induced by the graphic creation that we receive for adaptation. Our client's artistic direction never misses its target: the moment the reader lays their eyes on the page, before even having read a single word, a message is sent. We need to make sure that this implicit message doesn't disappear, get distorted, or flattened by misguided typographical choices. »

It is on the basis of this approach that Acolad has notably collaborated with Éditions Gallimard on the adaptation of fine works, including  Japonismes/Impressionnismes in German version for the Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny,  L'Ambassade de Chine,  a bilingual French/Chinese, or even  Betty Catroux,  for whom the graphic team designed an exhibition booklet in Chinese for the Yves Saint Laurent Museum based on the French catalogue.

Currently, the Acolad graphic design team stands out for the École Van Cleef & Arpels on a book around the professions of excellence that are the jewelry arts. Alongside expert linguists, she ensures the quality of the typographical choices, to  write down the rules specific to the world of “beautiful print” in the targeted countries, without forgetting the deviations to be accepted.

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