Top toy manufacturer strengthens engagement and recognition worldwide


Find out how a giant in the toy manufacturing business used our help to strengthen brand recognition and customer engagement worldwide, raising quality and consistency of communication – while getting cost under control.

The Challenge

As one of the top toys and games brands on the planet, this toy industry leader has consumers and teams spread across the globe. 

When it comes to their global content needs, each team would manage their own translations – from performing them in-house to outsourcing to smaller, local vendors out of Europe. These decentralized globalization processes led to:

  • Task duplication and internal inefficiencies
  • Inconsistent content quality and messaging across product categories and markets
  • And a lack of visibility on total localization costs.

The Solution

A scalable content globalization strategy: from branding and multimedia to website and apps

The long-standing partnership with Acolad, started to progress towards the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive, scalable content globalization strategy. 

We worked with this toy manufacturer’s executives from branding and design, to develop a global messaging that would respect their corporate tone and voice, while resonating with each local audience. With the focus on improving brand messaging and cost savings, they defined joined goals and performance metrics to measure the project success. 

From there, we coordinated with the customer’s in-house localization team to align strategies. Once all branding and localization teams were working together towards a common goal, we were established as an integral partner. 

The choice of one sole global content services provider helped to centralize all translation management systems and streamline translation workflows across countries, including review and quality assurance processes. This uniformity had an immediate impact on costs, but also contributed to the improvement of their content across locales. 

The services quickly expanded to website, multimedia and apps localization, international SEO and voiceover.

“By creating a scalable globalization strategy together, we were able to help the top global toy manufacturer thrive in their worldwide markets!"

Account Manager,

“Centralizing all of our globalization efforts to one provider made our multilingual content shine and created one consistent brand voice for our global consumers."

VP of Branding & Packaging,
Global Toy Manufacturer

The Result

One consistent brand voice for consumers worldwide, in every language

  • Immediate cost savings and full transparency on localization costs
  • Increased content quality and consistency across channels and markets
  • Strengthened brand recognition and customer engagement
  • Faster time to market for new products

Over more than a decade of partnership, this globalization strategy has strengthened the recognition and customer engagement of the global entertainment company in every market. 

The efforts to centralize all localization work increased the efficiency of all teams involved and provided full transparency over the total cost of translation. The unified Translation Memory (TM) enriched their international glossary, reducing time-to-market and increasing content quality and reuse. Every team now submits, manages, tracks and reviews translations in one single place. 

Through process redesign and our content solutions, the time to release new products and enter new markets decreased

Moreover, the result led to one consistent brand voice for consumers worldwide, in every language!

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