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NUXE: Building a Brand From a Parisian Lab to Global Success

Explore how tailored translation services helped propel NUXE on its international expansion journey.

Born from a passion for beauty and botany, NUXE has transformed from a small Parisian lab into a global brand available in nearly 60 countries, led by founder & CEO Aliza Jabès.

Renowned for pioneering natural-origin cosmetology, NUXE combines nature's wonders with scientific innovation, offering high-quality skincare formulated and manufactured in France.

Embarking on a Global Journey

Known for its natural and responsible beauty products, NUXE has grown to become a leader in natural-origin cosmetology. Expanding from a Parisian lab into a global brand present in nearly 60 countries has brought challenges.

One of those major challenges was to communicate a coherent brand voice with style and elegance to portray its premium quality in different languages and markets. For many brands, unlocking seamless international communication can be the difference between success and failure.

Enter Acolad: Building a Unique Brand Voice Across Languages

NUXE renewed its partnership with Acolad after a request for proposal aimed at centralizing and streamlining translations.

The goal was to find a partner that would elevate NUXE’s global expansion efforts. To do this, we completely reimagined translation processes to prioritize quality, speed, and efficiency.

  • Centralized translation management: Consolidating all translation requests through a single platform – Acolad Portal – meant NUXE had complete visibility of all translations, leading to better control and coordination. 
  • Enhanced content quality: Carefully selecting translators with expertise in beauty and luxury, supported by dedicated project managers. All to help the brand’s luxurious appeal shine through.
  • Faster project turnaround: Advanced tools, like translation memories and glossaries tailored to NUXE, help to streamline workflows and accelerate content delivery, without compromising on quality.

Working with Acolad has enabled us to significantly enhance the consistency and coherence of our translations. Our smooth collaboration with the team has helped transform our translation management, making it more efficient and aligned with our global vision.

Marine Gawron, Content & Translation Manager, NUXE Group

The Result

A Partnership That Delivers International Success

Our collaboration with NUXE is a testament to the power of partnership to drive success across languages and markets. By streamlining translation management, speeding up time to market, and prioritizing content quality, Acolad has helped NUXE to communicate seamlessly and solidify its status as a global leader.

Acolad is proud to have partnered with NUXE on its journey, sharing our language and content expertise to deliver:

  • Streamlined projects
  • Quality translations
  • Faster time-to-market

Our collaboration is based on a commitment to understanding NUXE’s needs through regular dialogue and conveying the true spirit of NUXE’s brand. This is where our true expertise and passion lie.

Valerie Dentz, Senior Project Manager, Acolad

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