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Interpreting services for virtual and hybrid court hearings

Find out how we helped a legal firm enable their U.S. clients to participate in hearings remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Acolad interpreting platform was a great success. Our clients indicated when evaluating the hearing that everything was completely clear. In future virtual cases, we will certainly use this remote interpreting service again.

Wouter Pors 
Attorney at law and partner at Bird & Bird

The Challenge

Covid-19 marked a shift towards remote and hybrid settings. During the pandemic, virtual hearings were often the only viable option. In the post-pandemic world, while in-person meetings have resumed, virtual and hybrid hearings remain not just a valuable alternative, but in certain contexts have become the new norm.   

When a case involves international parties, the assistance of specialized court interpreters is often called for.

In the past, these services were provided on-site, by installing an interpreting booth or using what’s known as a ‘tour guide set’ or ‘whispering set’. But in a virtual or hybrid setting, thanks to the significant advancements in the field of interpreting technology, interpretation can seamlessly be performed remotely or in hybrid settings.  

The Solution

For a court hearing in a patent case, Acolad provided remote interpreters, technology and technical support. U.S. clients could participate in a hearing via Skype for Business in real-time and provide direct input via their lawyers.

Why Acolad


High-quality language services

  • ISO certified process
  • Professional court interpreters
  • Specialized in your field and specific domains
  • Cooperation with renowned partners
  • Quality assurance


Tailored advice and service

  • Rapid quote
  • Support throughout the lifecycle of the court project
  • Custom solutions
  • Consulting on interpretation and technology
  • Thorough research and preparation by the interpreters based on the case documents 



  • Data privacy and security
  • Compliance with Code of Conduct and professional best-practices
  • Timeliness and flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes

The Result

The interpreters work via a dedicated highly secure interpreter interface over a separate channel and “patch in” to the court hearing’s video call service (such as Skype, Teams or Zoom). Attendees can listen to the hearing and interact in the desired language via web or mobile app and select either the interpretation or the original audio.  

An additional advantage of remote interpreting in a hearing: you don’t hear interpreters whispering in the background as sometimes occurs in the physical setting when interpretation is performed without soundproof interpreting booths.

Acolad Legal

At the forefront of legal interpreting

Acolad is at the forefront of innovation and technology and our trusted court interpreters are trained and experienced in the provision of interpretation in remote and hybrid settings so that law firms can choose the option that best suits their needs for each hearing.  

In this new normal where in-person, hybrid and remote solutions coexist, Acolad is ready to support you with a tailored approach for your multilingual hearings.  

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