Elearning as a supporting tool for Verso mediation training

Find out how Acolad's scalable tool supports Verso's training in schools and kindergartens

Founded in 2003, the Finnish Forum for Mediation (FFM) is a Finnish mediation cooperation organization, whose ideology is based on the modern mediation movement. Its board represents the entire mediation field though its members’ expertise and activities outside the Forum.

The Challenge

VERSO-program offers training in restorative mediation to children and professionals working with children in early childhood education, schools, and other learning institutions.

VERSO-trainers needed a scalable tool to support their training in schools and kindergartens. Elearning was the natural solution and Acolad was selected to provide it.

The Solution

Watch the video to learn how elearning can be used to support trainers with different target groups.

Elearning-packages for different target groups

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