Case Study

Centralized translations for improved telecom brand consistency


Our Client

Our customer is an international Telecom company, with customers in several different markets and diverse language needs.

The Challenge

  • Lack of content quality
  • Inconsistent use of corporate terminology
  • Hard to track translation spend
  • Scattered linguistic assets
  • Lack of transparency on translation KPIs

Being present in different markets means having to adapt to local demands, requirements and catering to each audience’s needs. Our customer lacked a centralized approach for content localization and multilingual content management, which meant having several providers the different teams used for translating content for all of their target markets. In turn, this lack of centralization and overall best practice harmonization caused inconsistent content quality and terminology use across regions, and it was virtually impossible to keep track of all translation project status and costs. When redesigning their global content strategy, this company needed a solution to solve all their challenges, while helping them to keep up with increasing demand for localized content, and still keeping projects within budget. 

The Solution

Acolad implemented one single global content platform for translation and multilingual content management, accessible enterprise-wide. This portal answered to all the customer’s requirements, and allowed for a centralized view of all content projects and linguistic assets, ensuring transparent reporting and cost control.

The Result

Centralized content management
One single translation process for full control over source and translated content

Up to 50% translation memory reuse
Consolidating all translation memories and linguistic assets accelerated translation turnaround time and save on localization costs

Improved brand consistency
Content consistency across all content formats and markets, leveraging a central corporate glossary for terminology, enhancing the companies’ brand image

In-Country Review
Expert validation steps added to the standard translation workflows to ensure high-quality content in any language

Streamlined costs
Consolidating translations into a single partner and managing all translation projects from a central portal helped our client maximize efficiencies

Full spend visibility
Spend reporting obtained in a click, with costs and savings fully under control

Scalability and interoperability
All internal tools involved in multilingual content management are centralized under the same portal, where new technologies can be integrated as needs evolve

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